Ductile casting pipe engineering quality standards

by:XEX     2020-12-25
Ductile castings' target='_blank'>casting pipe project quality standards in general: 1 metal pipeline interface appearance quality should comply with the specification requirements. 2 tube before, should check qualified anticorrosion pipe inside and outside. In the process of construction, anticorrosive coating shall not be damaged. 3 ductile iron pipe installation deviation should be allowed in accordance with table 9. 4. 2 rules. 4 gate valve installation should be strong, tight, opening and closing flexible, perpendicular to the pipe axis. 5 after the rubber ring in place shall not be distorted. When using stock rod inspection, at various points along the circumference of a circle with socket end isometric, the allowable deviation shall be the + / - 3 mm. 6 installed into the rubber ring interface, should reach into depth marking ring, and review the adjacent be just fine the first and second interface into the depth. 7 the mechanical interface, flexible installation should make the socket and the socket flange collocated gland of the longitudinal axis; Bolt installation square is consistent, and symmetrical and uniform tighten. Along the curve of 8 pipeline, interface allows corner shall not be greater than the rule. 9 the flange interface quality requirements: 1) Two flange disk should be parallel to the center line of the flange and pipe vertically. 2) Pipe fittings or gate should not produce tensile stress. 3) The length of the bolt with nut outside not less than 2 thread, and no more than 1/2 the diameter of the bolt.
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