Ductile casting pipe installation and storage

by:XEX     2020-12-24
Ductile casting pipe installation and storage of ductile iron pipe manufacturers to provide products at the same time, should also provide products and services, to protect the interests of the supplier. Pipe installation of nodular cast iron pipe manufacturer in supply at the same time, should provide the corresponding product technical manuals, so that the installation team construction correctly. Installed correctly or not, the pipeline has direct influence to the normal use and time limit for a project. For inexperienced installation team, manufacturer's technical personnel shall provide on-site guidance in time, to ensure the quality of installation. Line during the installation process also inevitably there will be a problem such as repair and pipe cutting, the manufacturer should also provide the corresponding operating instructions or manuals, or instruction on the ground. Of pipeline of storage store should follow the following principles: storage level as far as possible avoid unstable strata and soil corrosion ductile cast iron pipe manufacturer should provide as much as possible to reduce storage time and height stacked
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