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Ductile casting pipe sand holes scene and adhering sand factor analysis

by:XEX     2020-12-27
Scene ductile cast pipe sand holes and adhering sand factors analysis of nodular cast iron pipe in rare earth magnesium magnesium), or to contact a golden ball, agents attend before pouring molten iron, the graphite spheroidizing, stress concentration to drop, make the pipe material has high strength, elongation, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, good sealing, etc; Choose fabrics of cement mortar lining, can improve the pipeline environment, the progress of the water supply, lowering the energy consumption; Choose flexible interface nozzle, and the pipe itself has a larger elongation, better make of flexible pipe, in buried pipeline and soil around the pipeline with homework, improve the stress status of the pipeline, and then advances the reliability of pipeline operation. Therefore, at present our country water supply professional usually choose ductile pipe material as a supervisor. We usually use the selection of besmear brushs paint will be casting sand inclusion, sand holes. Because of gate besmear brushs paint more hard and difficult. Second is in the process of casting pouring temperature is high, flushing, coating in scour and simple loss under high temperature and soaked. A sand inclusion sand holes. Has been a lot of casting factory is not very pay attention to the runner. Ignore the of sprue in the process of casting wall. And thus lead to the ductile iron pipe casting sand sand holes. So, in order to progress the casting yield, casting quality, progress down the total cost of castings. Choose the casting gate earthenware pipe, the article use convenient, with circulation lubrication, resistant to molten iron, molten steel scouring, no absorption of liquid steel, can be saw good characteristics, such as can simplify appearance process, saves the gate on the inside of the coating of hard work, and to improve the pouring system of resettlement, prevent casting sand washing, sand holes, sand faults. This can say is the best way, and all of us to choose. Ductile iron pipe fitting because it is the use of the environment, not to prevent corrosion image, therefore, would need to let's know how to deal with ductile pipe sand holes. Ductile casting tube adhering sand factor analysis of 1. Enough pressure to make metal liquid permeability sand between higher metal static head pressure. Is made of the height and pouring casting gating system pressure. Such as the gap between capillary pressure beyond sand scene to withstand pressure. The resin MAO = QcosO/r, P in the type of hair for capillary pressure; 。 Ductile casting tube for metal liquid surface tension; E for metal capillary wet Angle; R for capillary radius. Will constitute a mechanical adhering sand. Static pressure head beyond 500 mm, foundry sand and coarser, metropolitan angry hope machinery adhering sand production, unless on coatings. Type also illustrate: the greater the, that is, the granularity of sand coarse, body hair is smaller, the more easily produce angry hope machinery adhering sand. 2. Liquid metal in the mold dynamic pressure in the composition of activities. 3. Cast 'explosion' or 'choke'. The casting pouring combustible gases released when mixed with air and hot metal burning of dynamic pressure.
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