Ductile casting pipe winter rainy season construction matters needing attention

by:XEX     2020-12-27
Ductile casting pipe freezing construction: 1, the winter construction: 1) The bottom of the channel and sand cushion: excavated the bottom and the sand cushion construction, before coming off work according to the temperature in a timely manner to cover tightly, compaction, prevent cold. The construction of clear snow and debris within the scope of work in time. 2) Winter construction shall not use frozen hard rubber ring, rubber mat. 3) Ductile pipe installation: in order to ensure the nozzle has good lubrication condition, pipe interface should be in positive temperature during construction. After the pipe installation, nozzle hole and pipe on both sides of the covering insulation materials in time to avoid sand seas. Construction personnel on the tube, when installation, effective anti-skid measures should be taken. 4) Construction process, to deal with the transport routes, operation site, operation platform, climbing facilities such as anti-skid measures, and after the snow, the frost timely cleaning the snow and ice. 5) Spring melting season, must check the groove of the slope stability, adopt measures to put the collapse of earthwork hurtful. 2, the rain period construction: 1) The rain period construction should be protected from rain bubble bath, drift tube caused by accidents. To prevent the rain into the slot, to have already been laid ductile pipe in addition to the interface parts, the left and right sides of the pipe should be timely backfill soil. 2) Undertake interface construction should not be a rainy day. For construction, rainproof measures should be taken to ensure the nozzle and interface materials from the rain. 3) Reasonable shorten the slot length, masonry inspection Wells in time, to connect each process and continuous construction, acceptance after installed ductile pipe shall be timely backfill soil. Along the groove should be set for flood control and ridge, make its closure, prevent the rain into the slot. 4) A day after completion of construction, each paragraph should be on both ends of pipe mouth sealed, prevent mud into the pipes. Base on both sides of the groove bottom cutoff ditches, sump, promptly eliminate water accumulation in the slot.
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