Ductile casting processing - after processing Ductile casting

by:XEX     2020-12-23
Ductile casting is a casting process, are made from rare earth magnesium nodulizing agent, cupola and grey are the same. Small make up today to tell you something about ductile casting processing after treatment. Post-processing is ductile casting foundry machinery and equipment production at the end of the procedure. Remove excess department outside of ontology, ductile casting cleaning will be ductile casting from the mold. And finishing casting equipment inside and outside situation of polishing process. Main work to remove iron core and core. In the casting equipment category. Mainly include casting, casting aluminum alloy, copper alloy casting magnesium alloys, such as casting non-ferrous alloy for casting ductile casting non-ferrous alloy. The development of China's machinery industry, generation to move the casting market of China, as the main casting ductile casting his quality for casting market influence is very big also, is one of the most important factors to affect the quality of ductile casting ductile casting heat treatment. Post-processing is ductile casting foundry machinery and equipment production at the end of the procedure. Ductile casting ductile casting from the disposal of punishment to clean up after punishment for heat treatment, plastic, anti-rust treatment of punishment and rough machining process. Appearance should have sufficient strength, stiffness, appearance simulation ductile casting shape mold cavity process equipment and consumable. In order to ensure the cavity formed to meet the requirements. Riser cavity is storage containers of liquid metal, riser to prevent ductile casting defects on the attached to the casting supply department above or on the side of mold. Core box make core sand core process casting equipment. Can be made out of wood, plastic, metal, or other information. An overview of pressure ductile casting need special processing. Profile ductile casting quality: ductile casting profiles should be consistent with coarse degree GB6060. 1. Ductile casting crack, is not permitted in any penetrating casting, osteoporosis, bubbles and defects. But its level of defects and the number should be consistent with the scale of the supply and demand both sides agreed to, ductile castings are allowed scratches, into, such as lack of meat and mesh burr defect. But leave traces, allowing ductile casting sprue, flash, the overflow mouth, skin insulation, such as plunger trace should be cleaned up. The relevant parts of the die casting technology set, if no special provisions. Such as position of plunger, the location of the parting line, gate, and the location of the overflow mouth by factory themselves; The pattern should be marked as or agreed upon by both parties of supply and demand. Ductile casting size: pressure ductile casting geometric shape and size should comply with the provisions of the ductile casting pattern. There are special provisions and requirements, pressure ductile casting size tolerance should press GB6414 provisions. Must be specified on the drawing. According to provisions of GB1182 its annotation methods. Pressure ductile casting physical tolerance when required. Its not processing surface, the inclusion surface based on the small end, ductile casting size tolerance does not include pressure casting Angle. By inclusion surface based on big end; For processing surface: inclusion surface based on big end, inclusion surface based on the small end. Above is about ductile casting processing method after processing, hope can help to you. Today small make up to you at this point, let's see you next time.
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