Ductile iron castings production status

by:XEX     2021-01-31
Production status in the developed countries producing ductile iron parts with high specialized technical level, such as complicated structure, technical conditions, environment conditions of nuclear spent fuel nodular cast iron storage container casting production in Germany Siempelkamp company significant success, FIG. 1) The casting dimension for & Oslash; 2500 mm x 5976 mm, thickness is 400 mm, total mass of 115000 kg, its very strict production process control, is the world's highest level of ductile iron castings. American GE GE 6 mw offshore wind power is the most large commercial operation by the current global fan products, used in the rotor castings ( FIG. 2) Diameter of 6900 mm, total mass of 40000 kg, is a large rotating casting field, however thin wall products, not only requires no structural defects, and within the scope of the 6900 mm diameter, the circle shift cannot be more than 15 um, the product has more than in Italy, France and other factories to manufacture, but because of the casting defects. Figure 1 nuclear spent fuel casting ductile iron storage container figure 2 GE 6 mw offshore wind rotor castings used in domestic whole precision casting level is relatively backward, research and production of high precision of the ductile iron casting is still a difficult problem, especially the raw materials and process control ability is bad, still have not yet been formed large tonnage of nodular iron castings production capacity. Domestic several large ductile iron castings manufacturer (mainly wind casting research Figure 2, figure 3) 。 Some vendors also in heavy duty gas turbine castings, Marine diesel engine cylinder body castings ( Figure 4) , water pump frame castings, and other areas of the high-end ductile castings made major production and research. Figure 3 wind ductile iron hub casting ( Left) And the frame casting machine ( Right) Figure 4 Marine diesel engine body casting technology research progress of spheroidal graphite cast iron technology development in our country currently in the crucial stage of a focus on quality of castings, the stage is a application scope, the production period of rapid growth. Low-temperature impact of nodular cast iron, fatigue performance and stability, strong toughness and other quality requirements and research are also constantly improve, from the point of a large number of research results and production status, domestic also need to further increase the intensity of nodular cast iron of precision casting technology research.
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