Ductile iron feed pipe construction method ( 3)

by:XEX     2021-01-31
Nodular casting' target='_blank'>cast iron to 6 pipe construction. 1. 2. 8 installation considerations ( 1) Pipe need to cut short, processed into groove shape socket end, cut tube must be used for nodular cast iron tube cutting machine, it is strictly prohibited to use gas welding. ( 2) Note before aprons, can't brush lubricant in the lining surface of the socket, or it will cause the failure of interface. 6. 1. 2. 9 the well chamber laying ( 1) Brick, the brick part clean, water wet. To cut wool processing parts of the brush slurry. ( 2) Different forms of the well chamber, wall brick size control and the methods are different, the specific method is as follows: a. The well chamber of rectangular, standing on the corner of wall of tree stem, to control the verticality and height. Disk before laying Angle, and then build by laying bricks or stones wall hanging line. Article with butyl slow laying method, brick wall corner, and every skin brick to seven separately. b。 The well chamber is circular, with the center of the circle as the center line, along with the build by laying bricks or stones with the inspection shaft chamber size. Both sides by using butyl brick, brick, the lateral grizzly seam 'binary jujube' masonry. Build by laying bricks or stones after a layer, and then spread slurry laying on a layer of bricks, vertical seam between the upper and lower two layers of brick staggered. ( 3) Brick masonry by adopting the 'trinity' method, namely a shovel grey, a brick, knead a squeeze. If using the method of laying slurry laying, plasma length less than 500 mm. ( 4) Brick masonry mortar horizontal mortar joint plumpness shall not be less than 90%, the vertical mortar joint by shoving or grouting method, make its mortar fullness. It is forbidden to flush slurry filling and sewing. ( 5) Masonry, want to break up and down, overlapping each other and horizontal mortar joint and the vertical mortar joint control in 8 - 12mm。 ( 6) Well chamber in step with the well chamber wall masonry with installation, the position accurately, measuring the distance between with your ruler, at any time during bricklaying embedding and firm, with mortar shall not be later a burrowing their make-up and mortar shall not trample before solidification. ( 7) Reinforced concrete plate installation USES the mobile crane hoisting in place, before the installation with the design requirements for pulp. ( 8) Pointing a. Check wall ash before jointing seam depth, the presence of a blind seam. The removal of metope of sundry, water wet. b。 Tick off seam depth is demanding, junction formation, than metope deep usually 3 - 4mm。 c。 Hook over a period of cleaning a, mortar joint tongue shall not have dust, burr.
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