Ductile iron feed pipe construction method ( 4)

by:XEX     2021-01-31
Ductile cast iron water pipe construction method - Trench backfill ( 1) Before water pressure test, in addition to the outlet pipe backfill to top 50 cm or more, 2) Pipes on both sides of the backfill height difference is not more than 20 cm. ( 3) Backfill layer. Pipe and pipe roof above 50 cm on both sides with bettle ramming, each layer of virtual height is not more than 20 cm; Tube end more than 50 cm to ground with frog hammer compaction, thickness of each layer of pseudo - 20 25厘米; Should be connected to tamping rammer, one and a half ram pressure ram. ( 4) Piecewise backfill, the adjacent two summer-planting stepped in. ( 5) Backfill shall not have stone, room cannot consolidate soil, such as residue in anticorrosive coating with fine soil backfilling, around around inspection Wells using lime soil backfill. ( 6) Backfill compaction standard: more than 95% or greater part chest tube top 50 cm within the scope of 85% or more the rest parts of pavement under part conform to the requirements of the professional road (90% or higher See image below)
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