Ductile iron foundry analysis galvanized affect the service life of the ductile iron pipes

by:XEX     2021-03-26
Ductile iron foundry analysis galvanized zinc affect the service life of the nodular cast iron pipe, as a kind of typical cathode maintenance data, has been widely used in cast iron pipe anticorrosion. For ductile iron pipes, zinc and bitumen of external corrosion prevention model has become the European developed * * * * * * such as the specification of the external corrosion maintenance model. Using corrosion resistant casting zinc spraying at home and abroad has made a lot of work, but the little discussion papers, the damage of the pipeline corrosion zinc coating of knowledge is not a lot of data sorting here isn't easy, especially for ductile iron pipe anticorrosion measures of adding further. In order to improve the focus on the strength of nodular cast iron factory of galvanized affect the service life of the ductile iron pipe was analyzed, and let us know about ductile iron pipe anticorrosion industry is already a pretty big problem. Therefore, it is necessary to research the zinc coating for ductile iron pipe anticorrosion maintenance function. Only in this way can we better study the anti-corrosion measures. The appearance of zinc coating is blue and white. Standard electrode potential is - 0. 76v。 It dissolves in acid, soluble in alkali. It is a curved metal sexes. Zinc in the dry air almost will not change, zinc corrosion critical humidity is more than 70%, therefore, in the humid air and carbon dioxide and oxygen to produce a layer of thin film is mainly composed of alkaline zinc carbonate type, the film has good corrosion effect, zinc and zinc sulfide hydrogen sulfide containing sulfide reaction; Zinc is susceptible to the chloride ion erosion, so in the water is not stable, in accordance with the requirements of coating materials, shape, appearance chosen solution, such as stamping parts and complex parts, especially the auxiliary anode deep hole or the needs of the tubular components using alkaline solution; Applicable to acid zinc bath of hydrogen embrittlement. When using two different plating bath, it is very beneficial to the production. Therefore, galvanized ductile iron pipe use of life is greatly increased, for large galvanized ductile iron pipe use of life has a great influence, influence on ductile iron pipe use life, promoted the galvanized ductile cast iron pipe used in water conservancy project.
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