Ductile iron grinding technology and process Ductile casting

by:XEX     2020-12-20
Ductile casting is a casting process, are now made from rare earth magnesium nodulizing agent, cupola and grey are the same. In order to guarantee good spheroidizing, to control the content of sulfur and phosphorus lower. Considering the temperature loss, the temperature of the molten iron should be higher than grey. Small make up today to tell you something about ductile iron grinding technology and process. For ductile iron parts, it is also important to its maintenance, only for ductile iron parts maintain good is likely to play a great effect. Ductile iron castings for ductile iron parts before use to conduct a comprehensive inspection, the surface is not smooth, must carry on the surface of sewage disposal, ductile iron pieces of sunken place, if any, should be used vinyl chloride packed bed sag of nodular cast iron pieces. Each blade coating shoulds not be too thick, the thickness of the coating is in commonly 0. Around 5 mm, ductile iron pieces filling once or not at all, next time have to wait for the last material after working in progress. For ductile iron parts to adopt when polishing grinding technology, in the process of grinding in order to prevent the ductile cast iron rust. So on must be done using antirust water when polishing processing, ductile iron parts in cleaning up after polishing, coating for ductile iron parts to note that the primer must be fully stir well before use, diluted to appropriate density, and then to besmear to brush or spray paint. Ductile iron itself properties directly affect the quality of processing, the hardness value is decided an important indicator of casting processing. Is used to measure the hardness and steel parts of the thin vickers hardness, can be used to determination of carburizing, cyaniding, nitriding, the hardness of surface hardening. HRA is mainly used for high hardness of the specimen, determine the materials and surface hardness hardness is higher than above HRC67, measurement range HRC20 ~ 67. Brinell hardness are mainly used for determination of casting, forging, non-ferrous metal parts, hot rolled billet and annealing hardness, measurement range ≯ HB450. Ductile cast iron as a bearing need higher hardness, often will cast iron pieces of quenching and tempering treatment at low temperature. The process is: all kinds of casting heated to 860 - All the temperature of 900 ℃, insulation to the original matrix again after austenitizing cooling achieve quenching in oil or molten salt, after 250 - 350 ℃ heat insulating tempering, the original matrix into tempered martensite and retained austenite, the original spheroidal graphite morphology is constant. After processing of castings with high hardness and a certain toughness, retained the lubrication performance of the graphite, wear-resisting performance is improved. Above is about the ductile iron grinding technology and processing technology, to learn more about the index of ductile casting, please continue to focus on small make up this website will be regularly update and give you some relevant knowledge.
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