Ductile iron GuanCheng mouth water?

by:XEX     2021-03-22
Ductile iron GuanCheng mouth water? If it is installed in pipeline pressure test leakage can glue filling welding repair again, usually with a hoop. The hoop is hold or collar with a material artifacts live another kind of material. It belongs to the fasteners. Embrace hoop device by coupling board, wing, Rachel reinforcing plate, bolt and inner liner. Hoop has a good variety of, embrace hoop cable, telephone pole embrace hoop, anchor hoop, messenger wire hoop, stainless steel hoop are relatively common. Weld repairs in order to repair the defects of castings' target='_blank'>castings, generally with the same or similar materials, special circumstances using better materials or materials with special requirement. Before weld repairs to defect inspection, to determine the location of the defect, size and nature, adopt corresponding way to invisible, then weld repairs. So, before weld preparation must be in place
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