Ductile iron pipe and cast iron pipe socket is what

by:XEX     2021-02-08
Socket is cast iron pipe connection mode classification, ductile iron pipe is the material classification. Cast iron pipe ( 铸铁管) The pipe, cast iron casting molding. Cast iron pipe used for water supply, water drainage and gas transmission pipeline, it includes cast iron straight pipe and pipe fittings. The labor intensity is small. According to the different casting methods, divided into continuous cast iron pipe and centrifugal cast iron pipe, the centrifugal cast iron pipe is divided into sand mold and metal mold. According to the material divided into grey cast iron and nodular cast iron pipe. According to the interface in the form of different can be divided into flexible interfaces, flange interface, since the anchor, rigid interface, etc. Among them, the flexible cast iron works rubber ring seal; Within the flange interface flange fixed iron works, cushion rubber flange gasket seal; Rigid interface generally cast iron GuanCheng mouth is bigger, straight after the insertion, with cement seal, it is now mostly eliminated. According to the manufacturing method can be divided into: sand mold centrifugal socket straight, straight tube continuous cast iron and sand iron pipe. According to the different material used can be divided into: gray iron, ductile cast iron pipe and high silicon tube. 1, water supply cast iron pipe, water supply and cast iron pipe more than 18 casting molten iron after adding nodularizer, high-speed centrifugal casting by centrifugal ductile cast iron machine, the essence of the ductile iron pipes have iron, steel, the performance of anticorrosive performance, can good ductility, good sealing effect, easy to install, it is mainly used for municipal, industrial and mining enterprises, water supply, gas, oil, etc. Is the first selection of water supply pipe, has the very high cost performance. 2, sand mold centrifugal cast iron straight: sand mold centrifugal cast iron straight pipe material of grey cast iron, suitable for carrying fluid such as water and gas pressure. 3, continuous cast iron straight: continuous cast iron straight pipe the continuous casting of grey cast iron pipe, suitable for carrying fluid such as water and gas pressure. 4, drainage cast iron pipe: ordinary cast iron drainage socket pipe and pipe fittings. Seismic interface flexible cast iron drainage straight pipe, this kind of cast iron pipe rubber ring seals, bolts, under internal pressure good flexural, scalability. Able to adapt to the larger axial displacement and lateral by torsion deformation, suitable for high-rise building indoor drains, particularly suitable to the earthquake zone. Look from the interface forms can be divided into: W type flexible cast iron drainage pipe, B type flexible cast iron drainage pipe, type A flexible cast iron drainage pipe. Continuous grey cast iron pipe nominal diameter is 75 ~ 1200 mm. Straight pipe length is 4 meters, 5 meters and 6 meters; According to the wall thickness of different LA, A and B level 3. Sand mold from who cast iron pipe nominal diameter is 200 ~ 1000 millimeter, effective length is 5 meters and 6 meters; According to the wall thickness of different points P and G levels. Strength, good toughness, thin wall and less dosage of metal, can bear high pressure. Ductile iron pipe nominal diameter is 80 ~ 2200 millimeter, compared with the grey cast iron pipe, strength, good toughness, thin wall, less dosage of metal, can bear high pressure, effective length is 5 meters, 6 meters and 8 meters; According to the wall thickness of different points P and G levels. Is the development direction of cast iron pipe. Ductile iron pipes using blast furnace production of high quality casting molten iron low phosphor and low sulfur, according to the current international advanced centrifugal casting, annealing process, water-cooled metal mold centrifugal casting machine casting and become, after finishing annealing, socket, hydrostatic test, internal lining of cement and cement lining health preservation, waterproof cement lining, outer wall paint coating asphalt, asphalt paint baking spray, socket antirust processing, shipping mark and packing process more elaborate processing, such as high strength, Gao Yanshen rate, corrosion resistant steel. The connection between the tube and tube, using socket type or flange disk interface form; According to the function and flexible interface and can be divided into two kinds of rigid interface. Flexible interface with a rubber ring seal, allowing Angle and displacement have certain limits, thus has good shock resistance and impermeability, than the rigid interface is simple and rapid installation, according to the different casting methods, labor intensity is small.
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