Ductile iron pipe and glass steel pipe analysis - - Anticorrosion performance and service life

by:XEX     2020-12-15
Ductile iron pipe and glass steel pipe analysis - - The anti-corrosion performance and service life of the 1. Anticorrosion performance and service life of the excellent anticorrosion performance is one of the most prominent advantages of glass steel pipes, this not only makes the glass steel pipe without any maintenance at runtime, and is to ensure that the glass tube can use 50 years of the most important factors in life, See AWWA, ASTM standard) 。 Although the corrosion resistance of the nodular cast iron pipe stronger than steel, but the nodular cast iron pipe buried in runtime, tube around the water quality, soil, groundwater, embedding zone near whether factors, such as electric field, both inside and outside the tube wall causes corrosion ( See the law of the People's Republic of China national standard 'water supply and drainage engineering structure design specification manual', ') 。 Therefore, the centrifugal cast ductile iron pipe ( GBI3295 - 91). Standard: pipe surface should be coated in vivo and in vitro bituminous or other anti-corrosion materials. Because the coating material and the material of nodular cast iron pipe, in the long-term operation, by climate cold heat, hydraulic impact, prone to interface layer falls off, and gradually lose anticorrosive coating layer, thus make the pipe inner surface of iron molecules produces oxidation, electrochemical corrosion, etc. , will reduce the service life. Ductile iron pipe is a kind of after spheroidization and inoculation molten iron by centrifugal casting. Made from time to tome LengMo process and hot mould process, adopt LengMo process with the annealing process, generally suitable for the production of 700 - a - 800 the following pipes. Due to the treated molten iron graphite crystals spherical, therefore calls the nodular cast iron. Its main advantages are: high tensile strength, breaking elongation rate is high, corrosion resistance is superior to the steel tube more than twice. Our country since the mid - 80 - s introduction of nodular cast iron pipe production line, we can produce 700 m below the centrifugal ductile iron pipe ( Water supply and drainage pipeline engineering construction and acceptance standard implementation handbook, China building industry press, September 1998) And, in 1991, issued the centrifugally cast ductile iron pipe ( GBl3295 - 91). Standard. This standard specifies Φ below 700 nodular cast iron pipe ( NI, X, S interface) Below, Φ l2OO ductile iron pipes ( T interface) The size of the four different levels of the standard. From the point of strength and stiffness, steel pipe clamp glass and nodular cast iron pipe with excellent properties. But in corrosion resistance and service life, hydraulic characteristics, energy consumption, water quality, and price analysis, transportation and installation of glass sand tube than the ductile cast iron pipe is superior and more competitive.
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