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Ductile iron pipe and glass steel pipe analysis - - The hydraulic characteristics are

by:XEX     2020-10-27
Ductile iron pipe and glass steel pipe analysis - - Hydraulic characteristics comparison using literature (FRP pipe handbook China FRP industry association. National building glass reinforced plastics research and design institute, 1998), published in March In steel compared with glass steel pipe flow data. Because the new steel pipe absolute roughness for O. 5 mm, absolute roughness after corrosion of steel tube is 3 mm, corrosion is not corrosion steel pipe after the absolute roughness of 60 times; Ductile iron pipes in factory ( GBl3295 - 91). Standard: surface defects shall not be greater than ( ɑ+O. O5T) mm。 Φ 1000 tube, for example: its allowable surface defects can be ( ɑ+O. 75). Mm, according to the ductile cast iron pipe corrosion resistance than steel tube 3 times to consider, excellent corrosion after the absolute roughness will be greater than 3 mm. Therefore, ductile cast iron pipe and steel pipe hydraulic characteristics. Take Hazen - ductile iron pipes Williams average roughness coefficient value is 100 c, glass steel pipe is 150 c, 12 inches of glass steel pipe and 14 inches of steel pipe at the same flow rate. Or, under the condition of the same diameter, glass steel pipe flow 36% larger than the ductile iron pipes. Glass steel pipe wall is very smooth, Hazen - new glass steel pipe Wllliams roughness coefficient value is 160 c, 165, the conservative design values ( According to 50 years) For 150. New c of the ductile iron pipe and the new steel pipe for 120, after using for a 65 (c See figure 1) 。 C value reduction is due to the pipe inner surface of iron molecules produced reflected in the lining of oxidation and electrochemical corrosion scale.
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