Ductile iron pipe and glass steel pipe hydraulic performance comparison

by:XEX     2020-12-15
Ductile cast iron pipe and glass steel pipe hydraulic performance comparison now let's look at FRP pipe and hydraulic properties of ductile iron pipes, the relevant data such as roughness, flow rate, pipe diameter index: texture roughness ( n) Flow index ( m) Absolute roughness rate ( mm) FRP pipe 0. 0084 1. 77 0. 0 05 ductile iron pipes. 0121. 92. 3 from the above-mentioned analysis, glass steel pipe hydraulic characteristics is very good, this feature is particularly prominent in the field of water supply and drainage, can from the following aspects: ( 1) Shorten the pumping time, especially in concentrated or gaps in the use of water, glass steel pipes, a third pumping time and cost can be saved. ( 2) Glass steel pipe inner surface is smooth, not only the new ecological is smooth, and years later, use smooth walls are still the same, and does not scale, won't produce secondary pollution to medium, known as 'hydraulic smooth tube' in foreign countries. ( 3) For the same diameter of the pipe network, glass steel pipe pumping costs by about 30% can be saved - 40%; ( 4) For conveying the same flow rate, choose glass steel pipes, can reduce about 2 diameter class, thereby saving initial investment cost;
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