Ductile iron pipe and glass steel pipe resistance to chemical corrosion performance comparison:

by:XEX     2020-12-14
Ductile iron pipe and glass steel pipe resistance to chemical corrosion performance comparison: FRP is the main raw materials of polymer composition of unsaturated polyester resin and mineral composition of glass fiber, it can effectively resist corrosion of acid, alkali, salt and other medium and untreated sewage and industrial sewage, soil corrosion and chemical waste water and erosion of many chemical liquid, relative to the ductile iron pipes to reduce the anticorrosion cost, in general, long-term to maintain safe operation of pipeline. While the nodular casting' target='_blank'>cast iron pipe in the soil solution is acid, sealed, salt and other properties of the soil, when using can produce ion dissolution and electrochemical corrosion, would have use for a long time due to internal and external surface corrosion. The corrosion resistance of glass fiber reinforced plastic pipeline table is as follows: glass fiber reinforced plastic pipeline corrosion resistance of table is changed to learn product interface quality, and the product of the chemical formula of applicable temperature hydrochloric acid HCl 80 ℃ or less - H2SO4 50 ℃ or less nitric acid sulfate HNO3 70 ℃ or less phosphate H3PO4 100 ℃ or less fluorhydric acid HF CH3COOH acetate 50 ℃ 85 ℃ or less or less fatty acids C15H31COOH 100 ℃ or less aluminum sulfate Al2SO4 ethylene glycol CH2 (100 ℃ or less 哦) ·CH2( 哦) 100 ℃ or less sodium hydroxide NaOH 82 ℃ or less sodium hypochlorite NaOCl2 65 ℃ or less hydrogen peroxide H2O2 70 ℃ or less ammonia NH3 kerosene (70 ℃ or less KEROSENE) 70 ℃ or less gasoline ( GASOLINE) 82 ℃ or less fuel ( DLESEL) 82 ℃ or less chlorine ( Gas) Hydrogen sulphide (Cl2 100 ℃ or less Gas) H2S 82 ℃ or less ferric chloride FeCl3 · 4 h2o 100 ℃ or less salt NaCl 82 ℃ or less soy sauce ( 酱油) 100 ℃ or less high polymer coagulant ( COACERVATION AGENT) Multivariate aluminium chloride (100 ℃ or less PAC) 100 ℃ or less pure water H2O 100 ℃ or less oxalate HO2CCO2H 95 ℃ or less poly vinyl acetate emulsion ( PAE乳液) 50 ℃ or less ethanol C2H5OH 45 ℃ or less phthalic acid dibutyl C6H4 ( CO2C4H9) 2≤80℃
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