Ductile iron pipe and PE pipe each has his strong point!

by:XEX     2020-10-27
Ductile iron pipe fittings mainly call centrifugal ductile iron pipe, it has the nature of the iron, the performance of the steel, anticorrosive performance, can good ductility, good sealing effect, easy to install, is mainly used for municipal, industrial and mining enterprises, water supply, gas, oil, etc. Is water supply pipe select, has the very high cost performance. Compared with PE pipes, from the installation time, ductile iron pipe fittings than PE pipe installation is more simple and quick, and installed inside and outside the bearing pressure is better; From the perspective on the impermeability and corrosion, ductile pipe installed in sealing better, also can improve the anti-corrosion performance through many kinds of anti-corrosion measures; From the point of hydraulic performance, because generally refers to the inner diameter ductile pipe specification, PE pipe specifications generally refers to the outer diameter, because under the condition of the same specification, ductile pipe can achieve greater runoff; From the point of comprehensive installation and maintenance cost, ductile pipe has more superior performance. The main composition of nodular cast iron pipe with carbon, silicon, manganese, sulfur, phosphorus and magnesium. Wall spray zinc, cement mortar anti-corrosion materials. Advantages of ductile cast iron pipe: in the low pressure pipe, ductile iron pipe is safe and reliable operation, low breakage rate, convenient construction and maintenance, quick, anti-corrosion performance, etc. The shortcoming of ductile iron pipes, ductile iron pipes even to accept a greater influence on the human factors such as operating level, the sense of responsibility, construction convenient than PE pipe. The advantages of PE pipe, PE pipe has good corrosion resistance of its inorganic resistance is much better than metal tube, do not need to corrosion when buried, construction is convenient. PE pipes on the cost performance is superior to the steel tube and ductile iron pipes. PE pipe have drawbacks: benzene, gasoline, carbon tetrachloride and other organic solvents of polyethylene has a certain impact. Organic solvent if infiltration in the polyethylene, there will be a swelling phenomenon, its physical properties are falling, its pressure resistance, low temperature resistance.
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