Ductile iron pipe and the PCCP pipe

by:XEX     2020-10-27
Pipe ductile cast iron pipe PCCP pipe after a centrifugal casting forming process control, waste water is unqualified to PCCP pipe steel cylinder pressure is unqualified, can be funnelled weld up repeatedly, to quality risk transmission medium to different water quality lining of PCCP pipe conveying sewage using ordinary Portland cement lining, rather than the aluminate cement lining, inner anti-corrosion performance of conveying sewage risk installation cost of light weight, installation speed, low cost of PCCP pipe weight per meter is ball 2 ~ 2. 5 times, handling damage rate is high, when installation, lifting equipment, the high cost of installation, high transport costs, site of the high cost of trimming the emergency at the construction site cutting performance, easier installation and repair cannot in the construction site cutting, can't cut short tube when installation, pipeline in the event of accident, difficult to repair, cost also is higher security persistence itself has good corrosion resistance of cast iron, plus external zinc layer and the lining protection, buried more than 100 iron pipes are still in use today in the unidirectional stress state period of concrete under a state of full water, often inevitable leakage happens, cause corrosion of prestressed steel cylinder; Pipeline damage mostly embodies in wire fracture, steel wire in the event of rupture, pipeline carrying capacity will drop sharply and produce detonation tube
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