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Ductile iron pipe bend connection and pipe fittings

by:XEX     2020-10-25
Ductile iron pipes used in the groove pipe connection technology is also called the clamp connection technology, has become the current first technology of liquid, gas pipeline connections, although the technology in domestic development time later than abroad, but because of its advanced technology, was received by the domestic market soon. Developed from 1998 to now, after just a few short years of development and application, has gradually replaced the flange and welding two traditional pipe connection. Not only technically more mature, the market is widely recognized, and obtained the national laws, regulations and policies related to actively guide. The application of the grooved pipe connection technology, make complex pipe connection process becomes simple, fast and convenient. The pipeline connection technology major strides forward. Groove connection pipe fittings include two categories of products: (1) connecting sealing effect of pipe fittings with rigid joints, flexible joints, mechanical tee and the groove of the flange; (2) connect the transition role of pipe elbow, tee, four-way, reducer, blind flange, etc. Connecting sealing effect of groove connection of ductile pipe fittings mainly has three parts: the sealing rubber ring and clamp and locking bolt. Is located in the inner lining of the rubber seal on the outer edge of the connected pipes, and in conformity with the advance of rolled groove, and buckle on the outside of the rubber ring clamp, then with two bolts. Due to the rubber sealing ring and clamp adopting special seal structure design, make the groove fittings with good sealing, and with the increasing of inner fluid pressure, the sealing enhanced accordingly.
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