Ductile iron pipe construction plan formulation

by:XEX     2020-12-06
1. To understand engineering general situation, such as project orientation, location, contractors as well as the line length, the size of the ductile iron pipes; 2. Preparation: (planning pipeline engineering construction survey 1) To understand design drawings and data, clear each pipeline process design and layout, and construction and installation requirements; ( 2) Familiar with the situation of the construction site, distribution of plane and control points along the pipeline as well as the design of a pipeline to; ( 3) According to the pipeline of graphic design and existing control points, combined with the actual terrain, nodular cast iron tube is completes the measurement data calculation and arrangement, and map good measurement; 3. For elevation control measure and fixing the pipe line, the beginning and end of the ductile iron pipes and turning point as the main point, their position in the construction drawing accurately marked out, use the pipe centerline positioning will be main point positioning to the ground, and make tags: ( 1) The Central Line positioning, generally USES Angle intersection method and the method of polar coordinates, available 30 Angle measurement & # 39; , the precision of measuring distance is 1/5000, and then calculate instruction in position error of the measurement. Main points in a while for positioning on the ground, to measure, test, determination of each corner Angle, and the value cannot be more than or less than 1 & # 39; Nor distance error more than 1/2000; ( 2) Elevation control survey, click on the place such as in the corner, steps should be level, precision cannot be lower than the fourth grade level; 4. Developing security measures to ensure construction quality.
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