Ductile iron pipe construction technology ( 2)

by:XEX     2020-12-06
Installation considerations ( 1) Pipe need to cut short, processed into groove shape socket end, cut tube must be used for nodular cast iron tube cutting machine, it is strictly prohibited to use gas welding. ( 2) Note before aprons, can't brush lubricant in the lining surface of the socket, or it will cause the failure of interface. Clean up the socket is rounded corners and a taper pin end surface, and in the inner surface of synthetic and socket exterior besmear brushs lubricant ( Detergent) Brush, lubricant evenly inside the socket is installed good surface of rubber ring, brush brush lubricant outside the pin to pin groove. Interface socket to socket alignment, a tripod, hang lever hoist, sets of wire rope, pull (lever hoist, make the pins into the socket. And attention will be given to hit the white line into the mouth of the position, ensure the Angle ≯ 3 degrees. Check the first section tube and pipe installation accuracy in the second quarter, pipe socket his direction of water. After the first quarter pipe, wire rope and hand gourd to lock it, in order to prevent the outburst. After installation, check the location of the socket pushed into the socket is in line with the requirements, with the sounding rod inserted into the socket clearance check the aprons position is correct, and check whether the aprons is collision.
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