Ductile iron pipe construction technology standard ( 2)

by:XEX     2020-12-06
5. The process of no. 1 1, 1) precast frame work According to the construction drawing combined with actual situation, carries on the second pipeline configuration, pipeline length calculation, processing pipeline, marking on the pipe socket, prepare a much wood on both ends of the pipe support, set aside enough operation space. 2) According to the site construction conditions and specifications and design requirements, drinking water pipe away from pollution sources, construction drawings and detailed reading, and field investigation, the underground obstacles along the ( Such as cable, fiber optic cable, gas) And so on carries on the actual investigation, and construction, the city, municipal, planning, radio and television, ba and other related units to do a good job of coordination, to ensure the construction without damaging the original pipeline and facilities such as found that cross with the sewer water supply pipe and the corresponding pipe diameter 2 casing, casing out cross tube length should not be less than 3 m per side. 3) The valve, water meter, hydrant installed ahead of schedule, with the scaffold should be fixed firmly. 4) Of pipe socket, tee, rubber ring, such as to check again, make the material preparation. 2, pipeline cleaning and laid 1) Pipe socket grinding and clean up all the pipe socket in the pipeline with grinder grinding chamfering form, hair dryer clean socket, local available steel wire brush and brush to clean up, until the socket is bright and clean, no sand and so on sundry, bear in mind that pipe socket is in the direction of the water, if not, adjust in time. 5. 22) Pipe laying down pipe trench, avoid collisions with the bottom, wall and reserve enough space, operators in the mobile line, must pay attention to safety, prevent pipe cut and bruised, put an end to all security incidents. 3, 1) piping installation For mounting surface after pipe pad under the wood, theodolite measuring pipe at the same height, get the datum point, adjust the center line of the pipeline, to make it consistent with the set the benchmark for: groove, the bottom of the tube pad 20 cm of sand. The attached figure 19. 5. 2. 2 pipeline laying. 2) The tube in the direction of flow and the socket direction are closely related, under normal circumstances, the water flow from socket to socket, but in the case of steep, to put the socket direction, when installation, from down to up. Blanking, good size, pipe fixed firm, again for cutting the pipe, pipeline round loss is found, the Angle of grinding machine adjustment level off, at the same time into the chamfer of the surrounding. 3) Clean up the socket and the rubber ring again to carefully clean up the socket, especially the position of the rubber ring, must not have sand, soil and other residue, in order to avoid to the installation of pipelines, damage the rubber ring. 4) The installation of the rubber ring rubber ring into the into 'eight' word, into the socket, with a rubber hammer to tap the rubber ring, until into the socket, check whether the socket and the rubber ring is perfectly, and then use special lubricants ( Requires no damage to the human body and soluble in water, conform to the state standard of residents drinking water) Lubrication. In addition to the small diameter, put in the position of the rubber ring not to need lubricating. 5. 35) Pipe jacking pipe to insert the socket: when installed, in order to insert the socket socket and smooth more energy saving. Will first pin into the socket and the pressure on the socket rubber ring, good soft rope and chain, closing down chain; At the same time, let a person on the pipe socket end swung hard tube, and know all pins inserted into the socket in place ( Marked by jack line, the first pin line to enter into the mouth, the name of the second pin line almost to the end) , between the socket and pin should be about 2 mm gap, and ensure the socket around outside consistent along the aprons distance ( Measured with vernier caliper) , pipe installation note semi-finished products protection, tape sealing pipe, prevent the pipeline from the ingress of debris. Nominal diameter ( mm) 100125150200250300350400 allow 5 ° 5 ° deflection Angle 5 ° 5 ° 4 ° 4 ° 4 ° 3 ° ( 2) , the installation of pipe by fitting its weight is lighter, using a chain when installation, easy to make the fitting direction to deflect, cause the rubber ring will be squeezed, not easily installed, so the double chain parallel, make parallel pipe installation, aprons is not easy to be squeezed; Also can use longer pipe fittings, using the weight of the pipe, using single chain for installation. 6) Fixed pipe and pipe fittings, fittings installed again after the check whether level off, the fitting parts must turn the pipe and fasteners shelf fixed firmly, then end of tube filling sand, remove the wood, above the pipe to the soft soil backfill to the line 20 cm, successive ramming. 7) , on experimental preparation, automatic exhaust valve and pressure gauge is installed on high low installed in pipe sink, and well drainage discharge and the winter should be anti-freezing measures, after the installation, fixed and take effective protection measures.
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