Ductile iron pipe construction technology standard ( 3)

by:XEX     2020-12-07
Ductile iron pipes 19 seasonal construction. 5. 3 seasonal construction 1, the rainy season rainy day avoid outdoor work, pay attention to prevent slippery, prevent fall, fall prevention. On pipeline to shelter measures, temporary pipe nozzle seal, prevent into the rain. 2, winter construction in winter construction, anti-skid measures, strict enforcement of hot approval system. Rubber ring can use hot water immersion, reduce hardness, rapid installation, the second pipeline pressure test is completed, the water discharge clean, prevent the frost crack. 19. June 19 quality standards. 6. 1 master project shall meet the following requirements: 1, when water supply pipelines buried laying, shall be under the permafrost, such as over permafrost, the heat preservation measures should be taken. In the absence of permafrost, buried laying pipe roof covering depth is not less than 500 mm, when crossing the street, Including pavement under) , buried depth of the soil is not less than 700 mm. Test method: site 'quantity inspection. 2, to make drinking water pipe away from pollution sources, may not be directly through the sewage well, septic tanks, public toilets, etc. Inspection method: to observe the examination. 3, pipeline interface flange, card clasp, clamp, etc shall be installed in a gutter or valve well, should not be buried in the soil. Test method: to observe the examination. 4 various indoor pipe installation, water supply system, such as the design requirements, borehole wall distance of flanged or socket: small diameter is 450 mm, should not be less than 250 mm; Diameter greater than 450 mm, should not be less than 350 mm. The method of examination: amount of feet. 5, pipe network should be hydrostatic test, the test pressure for the working pressure of 1. Five times, but shall not be less than zero. 6MPa。 Inspection methods: steel tubes for cast iron pipe, the pressure drop within 10 min test pressure shall not be greater than zero. 5 mpa, then fell to inspect working pressure, the pressure should be kept constant, not not leak. Inspection method: to observe the examination. 6, water supply pipeline in after completion, must give to wash pipe, water pipe and disinfected after washing, drinking water hygiene requirements. Inspection method: to observe the rinse water turbidity, check the relevant departments to provide test report. 19. 6. 2 general project 1, pipeline coordinates, elevation, slope should comply with the design requirements, the pipe installation allowable deviation, 19 - should conform to the table The rules of the three. Table 9. 2. 8 outdoor water supply cast iron pipe and inspection methods will allow deviation projects allow deviation ( mm) Inspection method coordinate cast iron pipe buried 100 arrows and feet inside the pipeline laying 502, pipe connection should comply with the technical requirements, the valve and meter location should be correct. Test method: on-site observation to check. 3, feed water pipe and sewage pipe parallel laying in different elevation, the vertical spacing within 500, feed pipe diameter less than or equal to 200 mm, the horizontal spacing wall shall not be less than 1. 5米; Diameter greater than 200 mm, and may not be less than 3 m. Inspection method: to observe the feet and check. 4, the rubber ring interface buried water supply pipeline, the rubber ring have corrosion in soil and groundwater, in front of the backfill soil should use asphalt binder, asphalt hemp material such as wire or sawdust asphalt sealing rubber ring interface. Rubber ring interface pipes, each interface maximum deflection Angle should not exceed 9. 2. The provisions of the 17 table 19. 2. 7 rubber ring interface maximum allowable deflection Angle of nominal diameter ( mm) 100125150200250300350400 allows 5 ° 5 ° deflection Angle 5 ° 5 ° 4 ° 4 ° 4 ° 3 ° inspection methods: observation and quantity check.
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