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Ductile iron pipe construction technology standard ( A)

by:XEX     2020-12-06
1 scope this standard stimulates the ductile casting' target='_blank'>cast iron pipe construction technology requirements, methods and quality control standard. This standard applies to buildings ( Village) , working pressure is not greater than 1. 0 mpa, outdoor water supply pipe network of water supply cast iron pipe ( Ductile iron pipes) 。 2 the terms of the normative reference file to the following documents become the standard by the reference of this international standard. Every note date reference documents, its all subsequent modification single ( Not including errata content) Or revision shall not apply to this standard. Anyone who doesn't note date reference documents, the latest version is applicable to this standard. GB5033 - 2013 construction engineering construction quality acceptance GB50242 - unified standards 2002 building water supply and drainage and heating engineering construction quality acceptance specification GB50268 - Water supply and drainage pipeline construction and acceptance standard GB50015-1997 Building water supply and drainage design specification GB13295-2003 2003 - T water and gas pipeline with CJJ101 - ductile iron pipes, pipe fittings and accessories 2004 buried water supply pipeline engineering discipline 3 the term 'construction engineering construction quality acceptance standard' and 'construction quality acceptance of building water supply and drainage and heating engineering in terms applicable to this standard. 1, the outdoor water supply pipe network through pipes and ancillary equipment, in accordance with the building and the needs of the user's production, living and fire fighting, organized transport network to the user sites. 2, pipe fittings, pipe and a pipe or pipes, fittings and equipment connected with all kinds of zero. 4 construction preparation Ⅰ technology preparation 4. Technical preparation 1, familiar with the construction drawings and related technical documents and organize the drawing came. 2, prepare the corresponding construction of atlas according to your drawings and quality record form. 3, according to the ductile cast iron pipe installation site preparation of corresponding construction plan, and be submitted to the competent department approval and supervision units. Construction plan should include factors such as environmental protection and occupational safety. 4, compile technical clarificaiton and safety disclosure and written disclosure to the operation team. Make the homework personnel familiar with the construction drawings, specifications and process standards, time limit for a project, quality, security, and so on in order to achieve the target. 5, the use of the existing site conditions and make the pipeline arrangement, cost control, safety education, such as planning, achieve goal unification, production safety, technology and standardization. 4 Ⅱ materials preparation. 2 material preparation 1, nodular cast iron pipe and pipe fittings shall conform to the relevant existing national health standards and product conformity certificate, shall not affect the water quality, shall not harm human health. 2, water supply cast iron pipe specifications and materials comply with the design requirements, uniform wall thickness, the lining is smooth without damage, socket neat, bright and clean, no dislocation and outside diameter deviation conform to the requirement of specification. 3, the valve specifications comply with the design requirements, and shall have the product certificate, the body is bright and clean without damage, the valve core is easy. And the relevant departments of the inspection report accordingly. 4, water meter specifications comply with the design requirements, and have corresponding relevant departments of the inspection report and factory certificate. 5, rubber ring used with manufacturers supporting products, well-balanced, smooth and no defect in appearance. Prepare 4 Ⅲ construction facilities. 3 construction facilities preparation 1, 2 set of tool appliance chain, pry bar, steel pipe and fittings, soft rope and several brush, steel brush, lubricants, No damage to the human body and soluble in water) , tape measure, two and several short wood, Angle grinder, hammer, cutting machine, rubber hammer, etc. 2, monitoring device level, spirit level, vernier calipers, measuring tape, pressure gauge, etc. Prepare 4 Ⅳ operation conditions. In the four operating conditions for preparing 1, near water, electricity has in place, has the construction conditions. 2, buried pipeline, the width and depth of the trench has conform to the requirements of the design and specification, a ditch without sundry, bottom ramming. 3 well, valves, water meter, the hydrant cushion layer has been completed. 4, construction technology, safety disclosure has been completed, construction of pipes and its auxiliary tools are in place. 5, crackdown valve used in the test appearance, flexible for opening and closing the corresponding quality certificate and the certificate is complete, the supervision of acceptance is qualified. More content please see xin's website
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