Ductile iron pipe cutting which tool to use

by:XEX     2020-12-08
Nodular cast iron pipe cutting which tool to use nodular cast iron pipe installation pipe length is improper tools must be used when cutting, due to damage or construction pipes have to be cut before, need to cut the pipes should be put in horizontal plane or on the wood, and the cutting department along the cast iron pipe with marker pen to mark a week. Cutting ductile iron pipes, can use grinding wheel cutting machine or electric metal sawing machine. Grinding wheel cutter can use electricity or compressed air, can also be driven by indirect internal combustion engine. A lot of cutting machine cutting can be built with grinding wheel and grinding wheel. If use only one cutting machine in the construction site, so the cutting machine should be adapted to assemble two kinds of grinding wheel. With silicon carbide cutting wheel fits for cutting ductile cast iron pipe with cement mortar lining. To prepare for cutting mark pipes during cutting, begin with a little cut cement mortar lining of ductile iron pipe wall, and then cut along well mark will cast pipe. In the case of using sliding into connection interface, required the socket end of new cutting grinding, chamfering, to make it look identical to the original socket end. Only in this way, can will jack plug socket mouth, smoothly and no damage to seal ring. Above points to the construction of a friend can help a bit, learn from each other to increase the knowledge, constantly making progress.
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