Ductile iron pipe fittings adhering sand and engineering survey

by:XEX     2020-12-10
Ductile iron pipe fittings adhering sand reason and engineering survey ductile iron pipes it is combined with magnesium and rare earth magnesium golden, agents to join before pouring molten iron, the graphite spheroidizing, reduce stress concentration, make the pipe material has high strength, elongation, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, good sealing, etc; Use cement mortar lining, improve the water environment, improve the ability of water supply pipeline, reduce the energy consumption; Nozzle using the flexible interface, and the pipe itself has a larger elongation, better make of flexible pipe, in buried pipeline and soil around the pipeline work, improve the stress of pipeline, so as to improve the reliability of the network operation. Therefore, at present our country director of ductile pipe water supply industry is usually used as the material. People commonly use the adoption of besmear brushs paint you will be presented with the casting sand inclusion, sand holes. Because of gate besmear brushs paint more hard and difficult. 2 is in the process of casting high pouring temperature, erosion, coating in the scour and under high temperature and soaked it is easy to fall off. Caused the sand inclusion sand holes. Has been a lot of casting factory attaches great importance to runner. Neglect of sprue in the process of casting wall. Thus caused the nodular cast iron pipe casting sand sand holes. So in order to improve casting yield, improve castings quality, reduce the total cost of castings. Using the casting gate earthenware pipe, the product easy to use, has a smooth flow, resistance to molten iron, molten steel scouring, no absorption of liquid steel, can be saw is good wait for a characteristic, can simplify the modeling process, eliminating gate on the inside of the hard work of paint, and to improve the pouring system arrangement, avoid the casting sand washing, sand holes, sand defects. It is a good way, you can use it. Ductile casting tube adhering sand cause analysis: 1, enough pressure to make metal liquid permeability sand between higher metal static head pressure. Is formed by casting pouring height and gating system pressure. Such as the pressure more than sand gap between capillarity formed against the pressure. The resin MAO = QcosO/r, P in the type of hair for capillary pressure; 。 Ductile casting tube for metal liquid surface tension; E for metal capillary wetting Angle; R for capillary radius. Can form a mechanical adhering sand. Static pressure head of more than 500 mm, forging sand and coarser, most will produce angry I hope machinery adhering sand, unless on coatings. Type also shows that: the greater the, that is, the granularity of sand coarse, body hair is smaller, the more easily produce angry I wish machinery adhering sand. 2, liquid metal in the mold flow dynamic pressure. 3, mold 'explosion' or 'choke'. The casting pouring combustible gases released when mixed with air and ignited by hot metal liquid formed by the dynamic pressure. Ductile iron pipes project: construction preparation, construction management personnel ready to 1 in light of the characteristics of the project, my company set up a set of management capable and municipal pipeline construction experience of project management team, the main project management such as project technical director, quality engineer, director of security, have rich experience in large municipal construction project management, can fully meet the various construction management requirements of this project. 2, the construction team and special type of work to choose participated in pipeline construction engineering professional construction team to participate in the project construction, the special technical type of work to ensure that hold a uniform examination certificate issued by the type of operation and technology level. 3 approach according to the project, construction machinery, excavators and other machinery in construction premise before enter the arena, according to the scene, arrange the mechanical construction of cohesion, and construction at the same time, ensure to complete the project within the time limit for a project. Ductile iron pipes project - - Engineering measures: ( A) , the control points of retest to ensure pipe pipe line meets the requirement of design, construction to ensure that does not occur in any errors in the survey before the construction units to provide full control of the pile point ( The plane control points, elevation control points) For retest. After a retest, all with the original results or positioning differences within the scope of the permit, all will be subject to the original results, do not make any other changes, for after many survey proved wrong results or positioning has great changes, the original report to provide the unit after the examination and approval, sure. ( 2) , the centerline of the pipe centerline measurement: according to the design drawing for the pipe axis, measuring lofting must please company engineering department for review and fill in the measurement, lofting review sheet to submit project supervision check ( A signature) That can be carried out at the bottom of the check and correct the construction.
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