Ductile iron pipe fittings before construction

by:XEX     2020-12-11
Below is nodular cast iron pipe before installation: a foundation engineering design, complete all contents, at the same time, complete the following work: ( 1) Has mark the base line and base bottom elevation lines; ( 2) Composite foundation, pile foundation and other qualified through inspection unit; ( 3) Foundation treatment schemes, approval documents are required. Second, after the completion of the construction units in the foundation engineering for the engineering quality inspection, confirm the project quality conform to the relevant laws, regulations and the mandatory project construction standards and conform to the requirements of the design documents, and put forward by the project manager and construction unit responsible person in respect of construction project audit quality construction unit ( The foundation) Report; Three on the foundation engineering quality evaluation, supervision unit, complete with supervision information, and puts forward the general supervision engineer and supervision unit responsible person in respect of tianjin construction engineering foundation acceptance supervision audit evaluation report; Four, survey, design units in the process of survey, design documents and construction design change notice signed by the design unit, and put forward by the project survey, design and survey and design units, head of the responsible person in respect of quality audit inspection report, survey unit engineering quality inspection report, design unit engineering quality inspection report; Five, have complete technical documents and construction management data, and meet the quality of construction engineering quality supervision station of tianjin data archiving requirements; Six district, district planning and construction bureau and entrusted construction quality surveillance shall be ordered to make correction problem all the rectification is completed.
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