Ductile iron pipe fittings matching purchasing related matters

by:XEX     2020-12-10
Ductile iron pipe fittings matching purchase related matters in the water supply enterprise procurement has some pipes, pipe fittings. The domestic ductile cast iron pipe production after nearly 20 years of development, some responsible manufacturer's production level has reached the international level. But fitting market still need to develop, to match the quality is higher and higher overall level of ductile iron pipes. We can pay attention to in the construction unit in the purchase of pipe fittings market behavior there is a contradiction, on the one hand, they will be the price of the price of pipe fittings and pipeline, and the request to lower the price of pipe fittings; On the other hand, they have been complaining about the quality of pipe fittings, we have to admit that fitting price problem which limits the development of pipe fittings, ductile cast iron pipe is better than as mature markets. It is obvious that the demand for high quality pipe fitting has been accepted by more and more construction units. A pipeline security often depends on the weakest link in pipeline, so the quality problem of the pipe should be cause enough attention. We have recognized pipe fittings market in our country there is a certain distance to maturity. Anyway, in order to improve the quality of pipe fittings, purchaser is necessary to establish strict procurement standards, in order to urge manufacturers to improve their quality, change their concept of some of the old market.
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