Ductile iron pipe fittings used widely

by:XEX     2020-11-23
Ductile iron pipes nodular cast iron pipe fittings used widely, and we live city connection, caused hundreds of thousands of convenient for us. Flexible cast iron pipe fittings finished simple engineering, its price is low. Due to the drawbacks of the ductile iron pipes, we also pay attention to in daily life using nodular cast iron tube. Especially in the installation process, should pay attention to what? Due to the continuous improvement and development of flexible cast iron pipe fittings, at present the Qingdao ductile iron pipes are no longer affected by temperature and humidity, can successfully deal with some simple terrain conditions. Pipeline depth should be installed according to the various factors to confirm, not intuitive digging holes. First of all, you must select the address, the ends of the pipe. 2 it is to build a pipeline, confirm pipe diameter size and thoroughly. The next thing to do is to confirm the pipe distance and the length of the pipe body. Then the position mark, because pipe installation should be overcome, and the pipe is a straight line connected. Don't bend. When two pipe connect to accept resistance, do not force plug, in order to avoid damage to pipes. Save should be connected with rubber ring surface. Suspended pipeline mounted, laying process, should use mulch blockade pipeline, avoid dirt, sand and other debris into the pipe. In all the work before, we should guarantee every section of the pipeline, such as material, even the bayonet and damaged pipelines in the test or not have. On the eve of winter protection, but also need to use hot water heating pipe, in order to install.
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