Ductile iron pipe grade C is how to return a responsibility? What is the relationship between level with K9 tube?

by:XEX     2020-12-17
Ductile iron pipe grade C is the latest international standards stipulated by the product name, standard code-named ISO2531:2009, by using this code, for the first time in the standard pipe USES the same. But this standard with the original standard ISO2531:2003, the main difference is: the new standard pipe ( Grade C tube) Classification is a pipe allows the work stress classification, and the original standard ( Such as grade K9 tube) On the pipe wall thickness for grading. Pipe pressure classes according to the relevant provisions of the new standard is to point to the permissible working pressure, the unit for the ( 1 = 100 kpa = 0. 1Mpa) , headed by the letter 'C', said the pipeline's allowed pressure depends on the least of all components in the pipeline pressure rating. Common recommended pressure levels for C25 ( 2. 5 mpa, applicable specifications DN700 or higher) C30 ( 3. DN350-0 mpa, applicable specifications 600). C40 ( 4. 0 mpa, applicable specifications 12 or less) , at the same time also allows other classes, including C20, C50, popular C64, alkane. Nominal minimum wall thickness of 4. 4 mm, minimum wall thickness. 3. 0mm。 And the original standard, pipe wall thickness according to the standard level classification, headed by the letter K said. , the pressure of grade 3. 2Mpa( Applicable specifications DN700 or higher) , 4. 0Mpa( DN350 - applicable specifications 600). , 5. 0Mpa( Applicable specifications 12 or less) , the standard minimum wall thickness 6 mm. Can be seen from the above comparison, the same specifications of the new standard work stress level are lower than the original standards, but by ductile pipe permit are rated working pressure of the analogy to classify wall thickness has more practical meaning, more help to the user according to the need for pipeline design and pipe. The c-class pipes, introduced the new standard, although commonly used to recommend pressure with K9 class than the old standard, index decreases, but from the whole pipeline pressure of conformity, Because it depends on the pipe pipe fittings used in bearing capacity) , it is completely can meet. And grade C tube production technical requirements more stringent, but higher uniformity requirements wall thinning, thus spheroidizing treatment of molten iron, the control of the purity of molten iron, centrifugal molding manufacturing, such as pipe annealing treatment process is more demanding, so as to ensure the mechanical properties of ductile pipe is not due to thinner wall. At the same time, in order to guarantee the life of the pipe, the new standard of internal and external anti-corrosion treatment of pipes have higher requirements: the outer wall corrosion spraying zinc layer by 130 kg / ㎡, or increase to 200 kg / ㎡, or can be changed to epoxy resin asphalt paint. Inner corrosion based on the original cement lining, increase the non-toxic or polyurethane, epoxy resin ceramics coating, such as, thinner pipe life extension to pressure but wall thicker pipe life. Due to the adoption of the above process, makes the class C ductile pipe not only mechanical properties, the elongation, the life not to reduce, and save the pig iron resources, also reduces the customer's purchasing cost. Company's official website: http://www. xexfoundry。 com/
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