Ductile iron pipe grade mean?

by:XEX     2021-02-07
In ductile iron pipe grade K8, K9, k10/19 dated. 。 。 On behalf of the ductile pipe grade, k refers to wall thickness coefficient, the higher the grade to accept the pressure, the greater the grade with less stress, the lower the accept wall thickness calculation formula e = k ( 0. 5 + 0. 001DN) 。 K8 k9 k10/19 dated ductile iron pipes ( 球墨铸铁管) K8 k9 k10/19 dated grade standard is a kind of wall thickness, 8, 9, 10 is a factor. e = k×( 0. 5 + 0. 001×DN) e — — The standard wall thickness, mm; DN - — Nominal diameter, mm; K - — Wall thickness coefficient of level, take a series of integers: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. 。 。 Ductile iron pipe GB/T13295 - execution 2008 specification, K8, K9, k10/19 dated ductile iron pipes are national standard, the different grades. K9 is gb, k10/19 dated is the requirement of custom, K8 strictly is not up to standard, standard length, thickness and so on. Such as K9 mark six. 15 m, K8 is 6 m, wall thickness from the beginning of DN100, are a little thin. For the domestic market, water company, fire engineering generally choose ductile cast iron pipe is the requirement of K9 level, in the use of general crackdown no problem. Ductile pipe fittings: short tube ( Bearing plate, plate, socket, double plate, double bearing sleeve) Tee, Double bearing one, three, three socket, socket panel) Cross ( All bearing, wholesale, double bearing of double cross pipe spool) Elbow ( 90°、45°、22. 5°、11. 25°) Reducer reducer ( Double bearing, double disk, socket) Etc.
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