Ductile iron pipe hot rolling process

by:XEX     2020-12-03
Nodular cast iron pipe hot rolling process of ductile iron pipe individual state appearance is coarse, the higher the coefficient of friction, for example, hardened steel roller appearance coarse degree by 0. Add to 0, 4, 5 m. 2, 5 m, the coefficient of friction by 0. 26 to the interfacial film such as table, data dry ground and looks really no adsorption film, ductile iron pipe its friction coefficient is very high. Ductile iron pipes and when bare metal surface in the air, contact with the surrounding medium, such as oxygen, water, carbon dioxide, lampblack, on the metal surface adsorption film, special is caused during the course of heating oxidation film, thus cause the change of the coefficient of friction. Ductile iron pipe this kind of ductile iron pipe inhomogeneity of energy called energy ups and downs. Ductile iron pipes but in practice in the course of rolling friction coefficient between appearance is far less than the coefficient of friction between pure metal appearance. Because practice exterior nature and status changes, so the nodular cast iron pipe friction conditions also attack changes, such as a change in the sticky friction for sliding friction, the friction coefficient of landing will incur. Even if the same information, when the chemical composition change, reflects the coefficient of friction also there is a difference, ductile iron pipes are its high strength such as add, along with the carbon content in steel friction coefficient of the landing. Ductile iron pipes Zagreb stick state cast iron roll material and appearance of the coefficient of friction is lower than the friction coefficient of steel roller, the friction coefficient of ductile cast iron pipe and did not harden steel friction coefficient is higher than that of hardened steel. Ductile iron pipes in addition, using the friction coefficient of cemented carbide roll fall 10% one 20%, than the friction coefficient of alloy steel and used metal ceramic roller friction coefficient and 10% to 20% lower than the carbide roll. Individual state, roll hardness high coefficient of friction small. Also, as the carbon content in steel, steel hardness also add accordingly, friction coefficient significantly down. ( The original from: http://www. xexfoundry。 com/)
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