Ductile iron pipe hydraulic test

by:XEX     2020-11-24
Ductile pipe hydraulic test but another kind of view, from the canonical formulation basis, feed pipe so only request to larger pressure, make commonly in the conduit for pressure equipment, working pressure is bigger. For test purpose, test should be correctly reflects the pipes in the working status of the working reliability, this pipe belong to their tube, there is no need to go beyond the pressure of work more than ten times. So the final recommendations refer to outdoor drainage pipe network water pressure test requirements, do water test. Water pipeline in the 24 hours after soaking, test head to test the highest point of water upstream. 0 m, the time is not less than 30 minutes, leak-proof is not qualified. Lessons learned: before water pressure test, because is the cast iron pipe, both ends are harder to block, so respectively made of steel pipe socket and the socket, and welding steel taphole respectively. When the water inlet and air holes all over the pipeline, at that time, and when the typhoon, rain is very big, short time of water in the trench, the water level is higher than the pipe irrigation. Lead to the pipe end up 2 cm, so for the outdoor pipe hydraulic test, to some external factors should be considered, and the advance of work in the construction safety, reliability analysis and prepare emergency preparedness plan. This section of the pipeline due to the limitation conditions, temporarily can only be cast iron pipe line segment installed and hidden, so the hidden frame for this pipeline before test. Because this section of pipeline for their tube, pipe pressure is less than 0. 1 mp, its water medium is water, in view of the hydrostatic test pressure, confirmed that the two views. A view, since it is a link in outdoor water supply pipe network, should be in accordance with requirements of the outdoor water supply cast iron pipe hydraulic test, this cast iron pipe pressure to six kilograms, under pressure from the pressure shall not exceed 10 minutes 0. 5 kg, then fell to inspect working pressure, the pressure should be kept constant, leak-proof is not qualified.
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