Ductile iron pipe installation and interface

by:XEX     2020-11-23
After the pipeline foundation strength meet the specification requirements, subject to consent by the supervision engineer visa immediately after enter the pipeline laying. The outer wall of pipeline of straight pipe should be galvanized, quality should be consistent with the ductile iron pipes - The surface zinc coating ( The first part with finishing layer of metal zinc layer) 'Spraying zinc requirements. 1, casting' target='_blank'>ductile pipe transport and storage and pipeline on-site inspection finished product shipped to the construction site, the test shall be carried out in accordance with the product standards by section, do not conform to the standard shall not be used and make the timely processing of sign. Can be carried in the gravel cushion construction after the completion of piping installation. During the installation process to handle with care and avoid the fall, collision pipeline. 2, the installation of ductile iron pipes and interface ( 1) , pipeline installation (1) pipe installation before construction, application of steel wire brush, such as cotton cloth carefully to cavity and socket outlets outside surface sediment and other foreign body clean, must not contain any sediment, oil and other foreign matter. (2) after the pipeline interface is clean, use the 'T' type rubber ring interface. (3) make the socket pipe at the center of the aim and the center of the socket, using the method of towed into the socket slowly into has even tube socket, until into motionless. Or on the basis of socket depth at the tube socket draw line installation, when jack tube into the line. (4) in order to ensure the aprons arrived in working face, but in front of the insert tube, aprons in the socket, add a little water, lubrication effect, installation is to save labor and reduce the construction difficulty. 5. Cast iron pipe after construction, in the central pipe socket and backfill immediately 50 cm thick gravel soils, compaction gently, avoiding cast iron pipe in the construction of migration. 6. According to the requirements of interface quality inspection. Check the aprons with inserted ruler into the socket depth no uniform, uneven as unqualified. ( 2) , the quality requirements of the interface (1) uniform aprons to roll into the socket, shall not be distorted or out in the into. (2) after the installation, the installation of the socket and the socket boundary error is not more than + / - 3 mm. (3) rubber ring can't and rubber oil, benzene acid base on physical contact, cannot make its long-term squeezed. ( 3) In the process of piping installation, for some of the important part of the construction schemes, make records. All concealed work must be approved by the supervision engineer acceptance before cover cover before, and the supervision engineer qualified visa formalities in time.
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