Ductile iron pipe installation should after the crackdown?

by:XEX     2021-02-03
Ductile iron pipes after the installation can be broadly, can also be segmented. Specific operating sequence is as follows: (1) block - - - - All line direction or size changes all needs to seal, such as elbow, tee, reducer, blind flange. Blocking mode can be used to plug plugging or locking joint. With a blind flange or other parts of the plug to test in isolation. Damper in blind plate location, the available channel steel or cement block support, to ensure that the boards will not out of line, can carry on security crackdown. (2) the backfill - - - - Note: in the case of soft soil, backfilling with sand to better play the middle or upper part, shall not make installed pipe sinking. (3) water - filling - - - Water filling device should be in the minimum of the whole test section, water filling should be slow, so that the air in the pipe are all out. (4) test pressure - - - Working pressure or less 1 mpa, testing pressure = 1. Five times the working pressure working pressure p 1 mpa, pressure test pressure = + 0. 5 mpa (5) - ductile pipe - - - WuNaChen 24 hours or more, there are lined with 48 hours or more. 6 - pressure test - - - Or less DN600 pipe, pressure maintaining DN700-1 hour 1400 tubes, pressure maintaining 3 hours. More details, please view the company official: http://www. xexfoundry。 com/
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