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Ductile iron pipe installation techniques

by:XEX     2020-11-24
Ductile iron pipe installation technique first, two with a set-up herringbone DN100 steel tube support, height and the new filter pool contour, the top and bottom are reinforced with steel plate. At the top of the shaft bracket and the filter set up two root 32 type a beams, a set of light crane rail, an AD hoc respectively installed two block ( With the wheel brake) The fixed with two sets of 5 t chain hoist. New filter side also fixed a 3 t chain hoist, transverse pull when operating, have the effect of lateral displacement. Will trail leveling and compaction process accordingly, paved with board, use channel steel as tracks, spread to the scaffold work for rolling at the same time. Close to the trench inside of filter arrangement according to this method. Cast iron pipe to the scene, crane discharge directly to the graphic point A track, artificial push to the lifting point, using two sets of 5 t manual hoist will cast iron pipe lift, then the 3 t manual gourd lateral traction, into A tube, after the pipe trench tracks the pt to the top, down the rest of the pipe at the same time. After being all pipe into the inside of the pipe trench, starting from the top on the west side, for the first quarter pipe support method of cutting steel sheet pile, the cast iron pipe installed, and backfilling, avoid the occurrence of landslides phenomenon. Then cutting tube in the second quarter, so repeated. Using cutting - — The excavation - — Install - — Backfill steps to cycle. DN1400 nodular cast iron pipe is rubber socket type, interface form is slipping into type, length is 6. 4 m, single weight is about 3 tons, using the drivers to install is the most efficient, but is limited by space, vehicle can't chi in place, so you have to use artificial combination of manual mechanical tube. As shown, for the specific site conditions, by the side of the filter pipe trench digging the foundation pit has been completed in the original filter civil construction, slightly renovated, laying pad. On the path side that is ultimately pipeline installation location to dense steel sheet pile, earthwork elevation of plus or minus zero. Union to accept conditions cannot adopt mechanical, the artificial joint is adopted. Serious cleaning the pipeline docking position before docking. Jacking device adopts two 10 t manual hoist wire rope, successfully completed the dock construction. Next tube socket in the process of damage on the cushion layer, results in uneven interface annular clearance, rubber ring is bad press in, for this kind of situation, adopt the method of jack adjusting pipe joint space position, make the interface of uniform annular clearance, and daub lubricating grease, has received the good effect of a-frame lifting pipe of the position of the support method of cutting steel sheet pile, width is 6. 32, 5 m, at both ends to use channel steel sleepers on the original 48 ') a drain on the support, to prevent lateral displacement of the original line.
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