Ductile iron pipe interface type

by:XEX     2021-03-21
Ductile iron pipe interface type at present commonly used nodular cast iron pipe interface type can be divided into T, K, S, TF since the anchor interface and N1 type two kinds of interface type. Will now above the structure of the interface type and application is introduced as follows: 1, slide type ( T) Flexible interface slip type flexible interface has been widely applied to 48 ') the following diameter ductile iron pipes, has simple structure, good sealing, the characteristics of the low price, easy installation and simple. This kind of socket on the structure considering the location and Angle of deflection characteristics of rubber ring, as a result, this interface can adapt to a certain foundation deformation, has a certain seismic capacity, at the same time using deflection Angle for pipeline long shift, able to adapt to piping expansion, bending, uneven settlement and seismic requirements. Defect is resistance performance is poor, in the corner of pipeline resistance must be set axial force of piers. 2, mechanical ( K type) Flexible interface mechanical flexible interface used for more than 48 ') diameter of the pipe. Japan early pipeline is using this interface. Mechanical flexible interface and sliding into the difference of flexible interface, the former is produced by the effect of pressure LAN made of synthetic form sealing contact pressure, while the latter is to rely on the size of the socket, socket make contact pressure caused by the compression of synthetic form sealing. Mechanical flexible interface in addition to the simple structure, convenient installation, good sealing, due to the pressure, bolt clamping device, so it is convenient for pipeline maintenance, through the bolt or remove the pressure change of synthetic way to eliminate the leakage of interface. The flexibility of this kind of interface is a bit poor, ability to adapt to the uneven settlement of foundation is a bit poor, easy installation and not equal to T. 3, N1 / S interface N/S interface is dedicated to our country city gas pipeline interfaces. N1 type according to Japan's early K type flexible interface design, its characteristics are consistent with K type interface. S type flexible interface is in N1 type on the basis of considering the operating characteristics of soft foundation area increases the connection of the socket length and deflection Angle, while dropping device was designed, make S interface has good ability to prevent slippery. 4, TF since the anchor interface TF from anchor interface is by the welding welding on the pipe socket end ring, locking ring with curvature shape and special pressure of LAN and hook bolt. TF type since the anchor ductile pipe introduced: the necessity of pipeline installation, often uneven settlement of foundation, the corner can't install the reality of piers, etc. So, it's extremely important to solve the problem of the anti josephalbert the interface. TF since the anchor type interface is developed in such conditions. Since the anchor interface in the application of pipeline crossing the rivers, lakes and mountains area is more, can effectively prevent the pipe shed, at the same time it can realize a pipeline of integral lifting construction. TF the anchor nodular cast iron pipe advantages: (1) a better combination of flexible interface sealing and non-skid, installation is convenient; (2) can realize the integral lifting construction of a pipeline, good removable. (3) type TF since the anchor interface hook bolt cap is blind cap, suitable for buried pipeline, threaded into the soil, enhance the anti-corrosion effect. The disadvantage is that higher installation clearance requirements. Ductile pipes since the anchor interface using advice: consider using TF in the soft foundation part since the anchor type ductile pipes, especially in the turn and the branch, in order to enhance the josephalbert proof performance of the interface.
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