Ductile iron pipe is introduced

by:XEX     2020-12-13
Ductile cast iron is a kind of iron, carbon, alloy, it is excellent with low sulfur, low phosphorus cast iron smelting, the spheroidizing, make them exist in spherical free graphite, carbon and then eliminate metal caused by flake graphite crystal cut continuity, it is the essence of the iron, the function of steel. Make it not only didn't lose cast iron forging resistance, corrosion resistance, also increased the tensile property, extensibility, twists, and impact resistance, which is with the steel of high strength and high toughness. Urban water supply network made of nodular cast iron forging pipes, pipe fittings, of the urban water supply professional recognition. Now foreign nodular cast iron pipe forging skills development, main is to choose the water-cooled metal mold centrifugal casting tube skills. But the difference for large diameter resin sand lined centrifugal forging skills; The commonwealth of independent states (cis) region of large diameter pipe with semi-continuous forging skills ( With heat treatment of annealing process) 。 The world's largest nodular cast iron pipe production base is the French MoSong bridge cast pipe company and Japan's nine yasuda pipes. China beginning from Germany, the United States in 1985 introduced a water-cooled metal mold centrifugal casting tube skills and equipment; Itself developed domestic water-cooled metal mold, heat molding, and resin sand lined centrifugal ball production line pipe technology. Now the domestic nodular cast iron pipe production capacity of 1 million tons/year, diameter from the DN100 ~ DN2200mm, making Chinese ductile iron pipe forging skills, has better catch up with and reach the world level, pipes, pipe fittings in addition to meet domestic demand, there is a certain amount of exports. ( From the original: WWW. xexfoundry。 com)
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