Ductile iron pipe laying, A)

by:XEX     2021-03-21
6. 1 6 general rules. 1. 1 nodular cast iron pipe installation should be equipped with the right tools, instruments and equipment. 6. 1. 2 crane should be used or other appropriate tools and equipment to pipe into the ditch, shall not damage the pipes and protective coatings. Should be used when lifting or put down the pipe, wire rope sling or nylon. When using the steel wire rope, must use the liner or rubber sleeve. 6. 1. 3, before the installation, should check nodular cast iron pipe and pipe fittings, and shall meet the following requirements: 1. Pipes and fittings shall not be used with crack and the influence of uneven surface defects. 2. Using a rubber sealing ring seal, the performance must meet the operating requirements of gas medium. Rubber ring should be smooth, clear outline, may have affect the sealing interface defects. 3. Pipes and pipe fittings of size tolerance should be consistent with existing national standards 'centrifugally cast ductile iron pipe GB13295 and the requirement of the ductile iron pipe fittings GB13294. 6. 6 2 pipe connection. 2. Before 1 pipe connection, should clean up the foreign body from the pipeline. 6. 2. 2 remove pipe socket and the socket end group block in the working face, casting tumor and redundant paint, and refurbished smooth and clean. 6. 2. 3 in socket on the sealing surface, the pin end and seal coating a layer of lubricant, the pressure set in the socket end of the pipe, the extension of the edge of the lip for socket side direction, then sealed trap in the socket end of the tube, made of synthetic sealing cant but the direction of pipe socket as well. 6. 2. 4 the socket end of pipe is inserted into the socket, and closely, even the o-ring seal press into the packing groove, shall not be distorted after the rubber ring is installed in place. In the process of the connection socket interface annular gap should be uniform, its value and the deviation should be allowed in accordance with table 6. 2. The rules of the four. Table 6. 2. 4 socket annular clearance and allowable deviation of nominal pipe diameter ( mm) B (annular clearance mm) Allowable deviation ( mm) + 3-80 ~ 20010 + 4-2250 ~ 45011 2500 ~ 900121000 ~ 1200136. 2. Press 5 to LAN into the socket end and lip margin against the o-ring seal, insert the bolt. 6. 2. 6 should use the torque wrench screw down the bolt. Bolts at the bottom of the screw down the bolt order: - At the top of the bolt - On both sides of the bolt - Other diagonal bolt. Tighten bolts should repeat the above steps several times gradually tightened to the specified torque. 6. 2. 7 bolt appropriate USES malleable cast iron, when using steel bolt, anti-corrosion measures must be taken. 6. 2. 8 should use the torque wrench to check the bolt and nut tightening torque. Bolt and nut tightening torque shall be in accordance with table 6. 2. The provisions of the eight. Table 6. 2. 8 pipe nominal diameter of bolt and nut fastening torque ( mm) Bolt torque specifications ( Kg f.m) 80年m166100 ~ 600 m2010
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