Ductile iron pipe of the tensile test data is how to draw

by:XEX     2020-10-25
Ductile iron pipe tensile test data is how does the nodular casting' target='_blank'>cast iron pipe shall be in a 1 m long before the test is conducted on the section of DN200, sealed ends after load test medium. Along at 6 o 'clock position of vertical line to measure the synthetic resin lining thickness, 15 points distributed evenly on each line, not including 150 mm range is at each end. Test before and after the position of measurement point should be the same, it is recommended to use the template. Electromagnetic instrument is used to measure the thickness. Test material shall be the natural silica sand, achieve higher than the height of the inverted arch 38 mm + / - 2 mm, tube have enough water to reach the same level. Sand should be round and without broken, diameter of 2 mm - 10 mm, the average diameter of about 6 mm. The section level fixed in the test device, this device can make the 3 s - 5 s tilt + 22. And - 5 degrees 22. 5 degrees. Ductile iron pipe tensile test data is how to draw? Let below small make up take you reveal its true nature. Tensile testing machine shall have the right bracket or fixture fixed sample to adapt to the axial tension. Test, the sample working on a range of tensile fracture, so the test machine has a corresponding range of intensity. Tensile rate should be controlled in 6 n/was per second. After the test, you can use the most strongly divided by the sample cross-sectional area tensile strength is calculated. The sample fracture of the two parts together measuring range of elongation, with a range of elongation compared with the initial range and elongation. Elongation also can directly use measurement extensometer. Ductile iron pipe manufacturers can decide the way of sampling, can from the whole casting or attached on the casting, also can be cast on the sample alone. The latter shall be the same process conditions of liquid iron. If the castings after heat treatment, ontology sample also should pass the same heat treatment. Sample thickness should comply with the provisions of the table 11. Sample is obtained by mechanical processing sample middle metal, including a cylindrical part, cylinder diameter should comply with the provisions of the table 11. If the provisions of the sample diameter is greater than the minimum thickness of the sample of ontology sixty percent, allows with smaller diameter or samples from nodular cast iron pipe thicker parts cut out another sample of ontology. ( The source article source: http://www. xexfoundry。 com)
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