Ductile iron pipe pressure test

by:XEX     2020-12-08
Ductile iron pipe pressure test my company production of ductile iron pipe can bear high pressure, in the water pressure experiment, the experimental stress is higher than international standards and European standard 1 mpa. Ductile iron pipes also has good resistance to external pressure, can reduce the requirement of pipe bed and layers, pipeline, economical and reliable; In addition, outside, asphalt spraying paint, lining of cement and other measures to ensure the pipes of the inner and outer corrosion resistance. I company of spraying zinc quality comply with the provisions of the ISO8179, every square metre minimum spraying zinc and channels is 130 g, not less than 70 microns thickness of asphalt paint, cement mortar lining quality comply with the provisions of the ISO4179, guarantee the mortar strengthened the chamber of secrets, smooth, strong adhesion. My company ductile iron pipe standard products technical standards of the company production of nodular cast iron pipe by water-cooled metal mold centrifugal pouring process, in accordance with ISO2531 standard production grade K9, T type pipe socket type interface. 1, outside the whole pipe outside surface anti-corrosion spray zinc spraying zinc corrosion process - — Perform ISO8179 standard spray zinc amount is more than 130 g/m2. Anti-corrosion paint spraying zinc corrosion in pipe outside surface treatment on the basis of spray anti-corrosion paint - — Implement ISO8179 standards anti-corrosive paint thickness is more than 70 um, USES non-toxic high chloride resin paint. 2, inner pipe inner surface coating of cement mortar lining - Implement ISO4179 standards, the use of washing sand and high sulfur cement as raw materials. 3, interface with the o-ring seal material is adopted by the high resistance to fatigue strength of natural rubber - — Perform ISO4633 or GB13295 standards. Specifications and technical data specifications ( K9 grade) Note DN100 - technical parameters 300 hydraulic test pressure. 0 mpa tensile strength of 420 mpa or higher yield strength 300 mpa elongation 13 - or higher 18% hardness 230 hb lining before, or less for each pipe hydraulic test, the holding time to 15 seconds. Pipe outside surface spraying zinc quantity> 130 g/m2; Anti-corrosion paint thickness> 70 um. DN350 - 600 hydraulic test pressure. 4. 0 mpadn700 - 800 hydraulic test pressure. 3. 2Mpa( The original from: http://www. xexfoundry。 com)
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