Ductile iron pipe quality identification and installation method

by:XEX     2020-11-25
Ductile iron pipe surface of pitting. Pitting is ductile iron pipe wear serious causes uneven surface. Inferior nodular cast iron tube surface are prone to scarring. Some inferior nodular cast iron pipe in use process may appear crack, this is mainly in the production process of ductile cast iron pipes caused by surface crack, and the poor quality of the surface of the ductile iron pipes easy scratches, the surface metal luster is bad, can judge the quality of ductile iron by more than pipe, when purchasing ductile iron pipes, should choose normal manufacturer of ductile cast iron pipe, to ensure the quality of ductile iron pipes. Ductile iron pipe installation is more complex. After ditching, should remove obstacles, and the ground is flat and level. Then according to the design requirements, laid ductile iron pipes, and take the appropriate safety protective measures, to prevent the pipe under the rolling. Sand cushion after laying on the tube, according to the pipeline laying the actual length of the ductile iron pipes, working pit excavation interface, ensure the overall stability of sand body on the tube. According to the design requirements, with observer and level for mounting surface. Groove should be neat and tidy, pipe shall not be placed on the convex of pad under the stone. General situation, in the direction of flow should flow from socket to socket, but when the slope is bigger, socket should be upward, when installation should be from the bottom up. As far as possible avoid socket to socket installation. Pipeline ditch, should avoid collision with the end of tube and tube wall.
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