Ductile iron pipe quality is reliable

by:XEX     2020-11-26
Ductile iron pipes in rural areas of application are also common, plays an important role in saving water. In rural areas, ductile iron pipe used for irrigation. Turned out to be irrigated, leaking on the canal. And above ground water not only affect the traffic, and not beautiful, with the development of economy, people more and more pursuit of beauty, in order to promote resource saving, township and village enterprises advocate using ordinary ductile cast iron pipe water diversion irrigation, rural channels is difficult to see now. We use ductile iron pipes underground water diversion, midway no leakage phenomenon, don't waste water. This paper introduces the casting process of nodular cast iron pipe. Molten iron furnace conditioning. Refining low phosphorus and low pyrite water, carbon, phosphorus, sulfur content in the molten iron. By deep analysis of intermediate frequency electric furnace conditioning process and improve process control, composition of the molten iron is stable. Molten iron ball. Adopt the method of adding nodularizer for spheroidizing furnace production of molten iron. Adjust the composition of the ductile iron pipe, in order to meet the technological requirements. In order to make the molten iron to meet the requirements of the centrifugal casting, each furnace hot metal must use spectrometer for analysis. The core manufacturing. Centrifugal casting. Water metal method is adopted to improve the centrifugal casting. Will rise to about 1360 ℃ after electric furnace smelting of molten iron in a high-speed rotating pipe die, consecutive by water-cooled hot metal solidification, the formation of nodular cast iron pipe. Weighing. Annealing. It refers to the ductile iron pipe, slowly heated to a certain temperature to keep enough time, and then cooling at the appropriate rate. The purpose is to reduce hardness.
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