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Ductile iron pipe quality standards and technical requirements

by:XEX     2020-11-25
Ductile iron pipe quality standards and technical requirements for chemical composition: the P content of ductile iron pipe 0 or less. Content of 05%, S 0 or less. 015%. Mechanical properties, tensile strength of 420 mpa, or higher yield strength 300 mpa, or elongation of 10% or more, or less hardness 230 HBS. Hydrostatic test pressure sealing: ductile iron pipes before they leave the factory 5 mpa, sweating and ensure no leakage or other damage. Surface quality: internal and external surface is smooth, smooth level off, the outline is clear, no cracks, at the cold, mismatch, get in the way of using obvious flaws, who make the wall thickness thinning allow partial defects exist, but shall not exceed the depth ( 2 + 0. 05年t) Mm T for pipe wall thickness. Appearance: when the ductile iron pipes in the span of about 2/3 length L of rolling check at two stages, the maximum deviation of straightness error of the ball iron pipe FM ( mm) Should not be greater than effective length L ( m) 1. 25 times, namely, FM ( mm) ≤1. 25 l。 Effective length: ductile iron pipes of effective length is 6000 mm. Before coating, pipe surface is bright and clean, no rust, iron and sundry, after coating, the coating surface is smooth, uniform, adhesion strong, is not an exception occurs due to temperature changes. Lining: using cement mortar lining, coating adhesion, after water penetration rate is small, good chemical stability, construction is convenient. Cement lining in accordance with GB/T 17457-1998 standard and GB/T 17219-1998 standard request, the cement mortar lining material inspection by national legal units, all radioactive substances content accord with the requirement of national standard GB6566-2001, to ensure that the buyer water quality meet the requirements of relevant national standards. Casting method: centrifugal casting process. Diameter range: DN100-1000 - mm. Weight and the allowable deviation scope: wall thickness according to standard GB/T13295-2008 k10/19 dated, K9 execution, maximum deviation of 5% in weight. Size: conform to the requirements of GB/T13295-2008 standard; Interface types: sliding type T aprons interface. Apron type, size and allow deviation is in line with GB/T 13295-2008 standard appendix C1. The provisions of 1. Rubber ring material: epdm, physical performance in line with the requirements of ISO 4633. Material: the material of pipeline for ferritic matrix of nodular cast iron, in the organization have a certain number of nodular graphite, compact structure, easy cutting, drilling, in line with the requirements of GB/T13295-2008. Outside the anti-corrosion: first using thermal spray zinc, thermal spray zinc quality accord with standard of GB/T17456 technical requirements; By thermal spraying bituminous paint anticorrosion treatment, thermal spraying bituminous paint quality accord with standard of GB/T 17459 technical requirements. Flexible interface embalmed: pipe socket in pipe socket and the socket on the working plane, clean before coating, after thorough cleaning, besmear brushs zinc-rich coating before coating epoxy resin paint.
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