Ductile iron pipe specification

by:XEX     2021-03-22
Ductile iron pipe specification 1. Ductile iron pipes: use after spheroidizing treatment, the precipitation of graphite into clear hot metal production of pipes, also known as ductile iron pipes. For the production of centrifugal pipe centrifugal ductile iron pipe; With method of continuous casting production tubing called continuous casting ductile iron pipe. 2. Selection of ductile iron pipes, pipe fittings and accessories shall comply with the water and gas pipeline with ductile iron pipes, pipe fittings and accessories, related regulations of GB/T 13295. 3. Ductile iron pipes and pipe fittings for the surface spraying anti-corrosion waterproof outside commonly use metal zinc layer with asphalt paint coating; Blowout with Portland cement mortar lining. 4. Ductile iron pipe form of interface is divided into flexible interface and rigid interface. Flexible interface connection for the socket type, including slip ( T) And mechanical ( K type) ; Rigid interface socket type and flange connection. Note: my company usually adopt nodular cast iron pipe ( K9) Connect flexible interface for slide type ( T) ( Rubber ring seal) , the rigid interface for flange. Groove foundation treatment 1. Pipeline foundation should be placed on a solid undisturbed soil, fak (120 kpa or require the foundation bearing capacity. If encounter flow sand, silt soil, loose and backfill soil gay love softly, corresponding reinforcement measures should be taken to make it meet the design requirements. 2. In jaasiel better soil conditions, underground water level below the bottom of the tube, pipe main should be laid 100 mm thick sand cushion layer, the rest of the branch pipe adopts grain soil foundation. 3. Groove 3 foundation treatment. 1 groove local overbreak or disturbance occurs, should be dealt with according to the following requirements: a. Super digging depth is less than 150 mm, the available excavated the original soil backfill compaction, the compaction degree should not be lower than the price of the original foundation soil compactness; b。 Drain foundation soil water content is larger, not suitable for real-time, in fill as more effective measures should be taken. 3. 2 caused disturbance of foundation soil, poor drainage should be dealt with according to the following method: a. Disturbance within 100 mm in depth, should be fill in natural graded sand or gravel processing; b。 Disturbance within 300 mm in depth, but the bottom hard, appropriate fill gravel or stone, reoccupy gravel filling gaps and leveling the surface. 3. 3 local overbreak or undisturbed soil disturbance, should press 3. 1 rules for processing. 3. 4 local super dig rock foundation, should clean up all basement fragments, backfill and low strength grade of concrete or particle size of sand backfill compaction of 10 ~ 15 mm. 4. Soft soil foundation treatment of soft TuGuan base should be adopted according to different bearing capacity of different levels of the displacement method and the reinforcement measures. Pipeline infrastructure design have no demands to bedding layer thickness is not less than 150 mm of gravel or 5 - 40 mm diameter gravel, its surface with sand cushion thickness is not less than 50 mm.
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