Ductile iron pipe technology construction experience is introduced

by:XEX     2021-03-22
1 nodular cast iron pipe technology construction experiences of construction experience. In order to convenient device, can be soaked with water first rubber ring. 2. Hot summer, appropriate is used vegetable oil lubricating oil; The cold winter, rubber ring can be used hot water preheating, to reduce hardness, agile device. 3. If need to borrow pipe unit, in the corner with the pipe itself can't meet, can according to need to borrow the turning point of view, after calculation of pipe socket after cutting the bevel, so can increase borrowing viewpoint, and to ensure safe use. 4. If without water pressure test, pressure test with air can also be thinking. 5. Trench backfill should be layered compact, if the pipeline crossing the road, to prevent bad play, backfill sand to pipe roof. 6. Sometimes attack interface drip in the construction. To prevent this spectacle, when the device should be strict according to standard construction, make sure to each tube device in place, about the large diameter pipe need to check each interface aprons. 7. Summer construction process, can be in appropriate interface part turns the soil. 8. Three links, elbow, it is necessary to make concrete piers. ( Article source: http://www. xexfoundry。 com)
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