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by:XEX     2020-12-11
Ductile iron pipe tensile strength and installation key points, we all know casting' target='_blank'>ductile pipe has three categories: with nodular cast iron pipe of water supply and drainage in ductile iron pipes, gas supply in nodular cast iron tube drainage in the ductile cast iron pipe requirements is low, no water requirement, water supply with The Times, have certain request for water, gas supply with demand is high, particularly is to the high air tightness. What are the detailed strengths and determine it? Ductile iron pipes, the quality of iron and steel anticorrosive performance, can good ductility, good seal results, easy. Important for municipal, industrial and mining enterprises, water supply, gas, oil, etc. Is the water supply pipe, has the very high cost performance. Compared with PE pipe, from time, ductile pipe than PE tube placement is more simple and quick, bearing pressure and placed after the list is better; From the perspective on the impermeability and corrosion, ductile pipe placed after sealing better, can also be through a variety of skills progress against the corrupt and corrosion resistance; From the point of hydraulic performance, because usually refers to the inner diameter ductile pipe specification, PE tube usually refers to the outer diameter specifications, due to the standard specifications, under the condition of ductile pipe can achieve greater runoff; From the point of comprehensive place maintenance cost, the more ductile pipe has good cost performance. The important identity of the ductile iron pipes with carbon, silicon, manganese, sulfur, phosphorus and magnesium. Wall spray zinc, cement mortar anticorrosion material and so on. The tensile strength of ductile cast iron pipe is three times that of grey cast iron pipe; Ductile iron pipe hydraulic test is 2 times of the grey cast iron pipe; Ductile iron pipes have higher elongation, and grey cast iron pipe for brittle material, its elongation is 0. Ductile iron pipe machine performance than welded steel pipe, can suffer high pressure, easy to lay, raid, maintenance, and ductile cast iron pipe decay resistance is better than that of welded steel pipe, buried using life is two times bigger than the steel pipe. Visible for guaranteeing the quality of the water potential requires using rare-earth nodular cast iron pipe. Nodular cast iron pipe is in front of the molding material for rare earth and other elements in molten iron, the purified molten iron, molten iron graphitization, at the same time progress cast iron pipe of compressive strength, hardness, plasticity and elongation, strengthen the resistance to pressure and resistance to blow, guaranteeing the quality of the cast iron pipe, make it can adapt to relatively poor under the condition of use, and several times the same usually use life of grey cast iron pipe. Ductile iron pipe anticorrosion linking directly to the pipe with constant use and quiet, so is weigh the network skills and a tense indicator of running state. Due to the existence of graphite in cast iron, nodular cast iron in the graphite in the situation, does not affect the substrate material mechanics and machine performance, but according to 10 model can observe effect performance, static leak rate of our country town water supply pipe network to reach 12 ~ 13%, far above the country demands will leak rate control under 6% of the scale of the pipeline corrosion to is is our currently a hot topic. In 1984, the central water research conclusions thought: zinc of ductile cast iron pipe outside anticorrosive black often nervous, can usefully be eliminated corruption. Saint-gobain MuSongQiao thought, in order to enhance the pipe outer anticorrosion ability, have a need to progress to the density of the zinc layer to 200 g/m2. For ductile iron pipes, up to now, zinc and asphalt anticorrosive should is a good material is also a fundamental protection. Against corrupt sex strong regional tubes, can be in the ultimate protection layer on the base of plus polythene film set, or polyurethane coating, or situation, such as polyethylene coating to a special cover. Ductile iron pipe used in water supply, gas pipes, ductile iron pipes compared with other pipes more, nodular cast iron has the properties such as compressive strength, fight corruption, flexible interface can be divided into a drain, rigid interface drain: flexible interface drain has strong resistance to scratching, telescopic deformation ability and aseismatic ability, is in practicality. Put on from the interface of the adjacent, flexible interface cast iron drainage pipe and can be divided into no socket W ( Commonly known as clamp) , flange type A machine type, Double) Flange type B, flexible socket type machine and so on four. The four kinds of flexible interface drainage pipes in the difference of the other country and region in use, map than force now commonly used A W, A, B type 3 kinds. Tao resettlement as generally accepted into the type 'T' type interface, as long as pin can be inserted into the socket in place. Must be carefully placed interface in place, otherwise it will affect the sealing pipe, credentials construction practice has proved that many times T interface with reliable sealing, excellent shock resistance and decay resistance; Simple manipulation, skills, easy to master. T nodular cast iron pipe with excellent impermeability, resistance to decay, acid and alkali resistant corrupt, the performance of the steel does not have to be ductile cast iron pipe last longer than the use of steel tube, as often - in 50 years In 70.
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