Ductile iron pipe use what's the point

by:XEX     2020-10-26
1. B = 2 D1 trench excavation & amp; 40; B1 b2 41. B - Top pipe trench excavation width & amp; 40; 毫米 41. D1 - Pipeline structure flange width & amp; 40; 毫米 41. B1 - Side face width & amp; 40; 毫米 41. B2- Stent pipeline lateral width & amp; 40; 毫米 41. 2. Trench support according to the pipeline soil, groundwater, grooving section, factors such as the design load conditions. Require stable reliable, to prevent collapse and support interference pipe laying and smooth. 3. Vertical or horizontal corner buttress should be provided of T joint pipes. Piers size according to factors such as diameter, Angle, working pressure calculated and determined. Four. Piped drinking water, not through the toxic pollution area, appropriate protective measures. 5. All Qingdao ductile casting' target='_blank'>cast iron pipe socket connection must be set buttress the calculation. As shown in the national building standard design atlas 10 s505 flexible interface water supply pipeline piers. 6. Ductile iron pipe outside anticorrosive coating should be used according to the installation site soil conditions galvanized epoxy asphalt coating or require lower coating. No. 7. Pipe welding steel pipe
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