Ductile iron pipes

by:XEX     2020-12-17
Ductile iron pipe is a kind of cast iron is an alloy of iron, carbon and silicon. Graphite of nodular cast iron exists in the form of graphite. General situation, the size of the graphite to 6 - 7, pipes for 1 - nodulizing grade requirements Level 3 ( Spheroidization rate & ge; 80%) 。 As a result, the mechanical properties of the material itself better improved, with the essence of the iron and steel performance. Annealing and a small amount of pearlite ductile cast iron pipe organization for ferrite, good mechanical properties. Ductile iron pipes mainly referred to as the centrifugal ductile iron pipe. It is mainly used in industrial pipeline corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance, good corrosion resistance and other industrial pipe material selection. Compared with the PE pipe, ductile iron pipe installation time than PE pipe is simple, fast, after installation of fluctuation pressure on the more good; From the point of air tightness and corrosion, ductile iron pipe after installation of sealing better, ductile pipe through a variety of anti-corrosion measures can improve the anticorrosion performance; From the point of hydraulic performance, because of the specifications of the ductile iron pipes generally refers to the inner diameter, the specifications of the PE pipe generally refers to the outer diameter, because under the condition of the same specification, ductile pipe can achieve greater runoff; From the point of comprehensive installation and maintenance cost, ductile pipe has more superior performance. The lining of cement mortar spraying zinc. If precipitation is graphite flake or grey cast iron, the vermicular graphite cast iron, vermicular cast iron is called the state of flocculent code called white cast iron or cast iron cast iron, spherical cast iron is called the nodular cast iron.
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