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by:XEX     2020-12-18
A crystalline characteristics of ductile iron by QT chemical composition of eutectic or slightly eutectic, so a crystallization of QT mainly eutectic transformation process. One time compared with those of HT crystallization process have very big difference, as shown in figure 3 - 11. Has basic affirmation, graphite precipitation in the ball directly from melt, this is achieved by centrifugal can separate the graphite ball casting, thick big top surface of graphite floating and the phenomenon such as liquid quenching experiment confirmed. Graphite ball grew up includes two stages: that is directly from melt to grow up and grew up in A body shell surrounded by. Generally A body shell once formed, because C spread in A body shell is difficult, has greatly reduce the graphite growth. Continues to make crystallization, which requires increasing degree of supercooling. And plus after spheroidizing inoculation, more conducive to refine the eutectic group, make the nodular cast iron eutectic group number is much greater than the HT
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